Home Opener Pseudo Game Blog

Posted by Steve

I sit here typing and listening to the game as Ryan Braun faces Carlos Marmol with two outs and two on in the seventh.  Biggest moment of the game so far, preceded by an improbable walk drawn by Corey Hart.  Hart fell down 0-2 to Marmol, and at that point I figure his odds of reaching base were about 1-75.  Braun is now down 0-2 as well… 

And Braun flew out.  Drat.

Some thoughts and observations about the game so far…

  • My MLBTV subscription is still not working, and I’m getting pretty cheesed about it.  I’ve been assured the blackout issues will be solved by next week, but having to listen to these games when I could be watching is very annoying.
  • I have been informed from multiple sources that Bill’s scouting reports have been disturbingly un-ridiculous for the most part this season.  It’s still a small sample size, so I have hope things will still get going.  If nothing else, I now have access to 29 other broadcasts, most of which have equally absurd anecdotes.  The fan question the other day for the Orioles’ broadcast was: What’s the difference between a fly ball and a pop-up?  You can’t make this crap up.
  • It sounds as though home plate umpire Jim Reynolds’ strike zone is terrible.  Brewerfan posters were really complaining, and the radio guys questioned some calls as well.  Apparently several gameday strikes were called balls for Looper.
  • Looper seemed to pitch halfway decent from what I can tell.
  • Seth McClung is not good.  He walks too many guys and falls behind way too often.  I’d rather have him as a starter where he can work around his walks, but yet I’d probably prefer to give DiFelice the shot as the sixth starter over McClung.  Quite the conundrum.  Regardless, allowing a home run to Koyie Hill is awfully embarrassing.
  • Some people questioned Macha not intentionally walking Hill to face Harden in the sixth, but I liked the move.  The Cubs would have pinch hit for Harden regardless, and while it would have removed Harden from the game, a pinch hitter could have done more damage than Koyie Freaking Hill.  The bottom line is McClung needs to get Hill out.
  • This is where I really hate having Villanueva as the closer.  Instead of Villanueva pitching these important innings to bridge to the ninth, it’s guys like McClung, Julio and Coffey.  The Cubs, unfortunately, are doing things the right way.  If Marmol was their closer, which is what so many of their fans want to see, they’d have used Kevin Gregg against Hart and Braun in that tense seventh inning instead of Marmol.

Heyo a Charter Communications Double Play to get the lawn gnome Aaron Miles! LAWN GNOME GIDP! Moving on…

  • Not to draw too much from one game, but it sounds like Rickie Weeks is really flashing the leather this game.  Between today and yesterday, it seems like he’s been just as unlucky offensively as he was last season.
  • I’m pretty much caught up here, so let’s get to the live game.  Fielder drew a leadoff walk, and Hardy just lined out to left on what sounded like a pretty nice play by Soriano.  Too bad.
  • Cameron grounds out on a fielder’s choice, and Piniella makes another pitching change.  He’s going through his whole freaking bullpen.  Extra innings would be fun.
  • And Bill Hall is quickly dispatched on strikes by Kevin Gregg.  Seems like he still can’t hit lefties, which is only supported by several hundred plate appearances.
  • I wouldn’t mind DiFelice in this situation, or maybe if he kept in Coffey.  I don’t want to see Jorge Julio.
  • Oooh, Villanueva in a game down by one!  A bit unusual, but I like it!  Very un-Yost-like.
  • And Villanueva carves up the Cubs in quick order.  Love ya kid.
  • Here we go.  Let’s get the Cubs’ new closer in the home opener.  That would make for quite a finish for all you drunken hooligans at the game.

  • Kendall led off unfortunately, and he grounded out to third.  This year’s start is a bit different than last year when he held that .400 batting average for quite awhile, which in turn allowed him to avoid criticism for the entire season despite his terrible offense.  Holy run-on.
  • Big spot here for Chris Duffy. 3-1 count… let’s go.  Set the stage for Rickie!
  • OMG Duffy walks.  If Rickie Weeks walks this off I’m going to get a noise citation from my landlord, and possibly arrested for indecent exposure.
  • 2-1 count.  Grip it and rip it kid.
  • WOOO!!!  Double over Soriano’s head!  Ah let’s go Corey!  Do it Goblalien!
  • Rickie I love you!  Wild pitch and Weeks gets “a great jump” (Ueck’s words) and advances to third.  Come on Corey, just put it in play!
  • Ball 4!  Down to Ryan Braun with one out and runners on first and third.  This is going to happen… I don’t think they’ll screw this up.
  • WOOO!!! Game over!  
  • Wow, it took a phone call from a friend to figure out what actually happened.  Ueck wasn’t totally clear, and it seemed like an odd play, but I didn’t even know there had been a play at the plate until I got that call.  Ueck said he thought Theriot would go for a double play, and then said, “And they’ll get nothing!” I’ve been informed it was a great slide on a close play by Weeks.
  • Hopefully Gregg blows a couple more, and then the Cubs decide they need Marmol at closer after all.
  • Awesome, awesome home opener.  Nothing better than beating the Cubs.  And how about my boi?  Rickie Weeks, your Chevrolet Player of the Game! Keep turnin’ up the heat!



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