Pay it Forward

Posted by Dan

I don’t want to bury Steve’s game blog, but in doing some random computer house cleaning today, I came across an article I had bookmarked at some point in the possibly distant past and wanted to pass it on to our loyal audience:


One response to “Pay it Forward

  1. Ah, I love it! Voros McCracken, the first to realize the importance of Ks, BBs and homers. I feel like more and more casual fans are beginning to realize how meaningless a “stat” like pitcher wins are, but that’s really only scratching the surface. ERA can generally give you an indicator of how good a pitcher is, but it’s far from the best. Even WHIP, which I prefer to ERA, is flawed because it includes hits, which McCracken points out are defense-dependent.

    That’s why I try to include K/BB, K/9 and BB/9 when evaluating pitchers (like recently in the PECOTA projection post). They are true indicators of a pitcher’s performance, as well as a good predictor for future performance.

    That’s why I heart Ben Sheets so much. His k/bb rate is off the charts. If you strike out a lot of guys you’ll probably be a good pitcher. If you don’t walk guys, you’re even more likely to be a good pitcher. If you both strike out a lot of hitters and don’t walk them, you’ll definitely be a great pitcher.

    Good stuff.

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