The Brewers are Joe Pesci and the Pirates are the guy who got an ice pick through the back of his head in “Goodfellas”

Posted by Steve

The post title comes from a series of text messages between my brother and me after Yo’s otherworldly performance yesterday.  Other messages:

The Brewers are Slevin Kelevra and the Pirates are Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley.

The Brewers are Macaulay Culkin and the Pirates are the Wet Bandits.

The Pirates are Samuel L. Jackson and the Brewers are velociraptors.  Hold on to your butts!  

Also, I just googled “velociraptors” just to make sure I had spelled it correctly (I had) and found this outstanding web site.

Being serious for just a second, I’m not all that giddy over the Brewers’ absurd 15-game winning streak over the Pirates.  It’s great the the Brewers are winning those games, but if I could choose any team to defeat 15 straight times, the Pirates would be at the bottom of the list.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Pittsburgh because until recently the Brewers were the same moribund franchise.  They had the same pathetic losing seasons streak going, but the Brewers snapped theirs at 13 a few years ago.  The Buccos are now up to 16.  The Brewers were finally able to put together a front office that rebuilt from the ground up, but Pittsburgh just hasn’t been able to do that.  They’ve wasted several high draft picks over the years on low-ceiling or signable players instead of top talents, and they’ve made questionable trades (Matt Morris, anyone?)

Fortunately, and yes I mean fortunately, they finally appear to have started the process correctly.  I like what I’ve seen so far from GM Neal Huntington.  They were able to draft and eventually sign Pedro Alvarez, an uber-third base prospect who is expected to rise quickly.  I also like the trades the made at the deadline last year for Jason Bay, Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte.  I believe they got nine players back for those three.

They should still be a bad team this year and probably next, but there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel for them.  Pirate fans have a lot more to look forward to in the next few years than fans of a team like Houston, for example.

Alright, alright, enough about the Pirates already.  One piece of news I meant to mention in yesterday’s cornucopia, and unfortunately, it isn’t good news.  Center field prospect Lorenzo Cain went down with a knee injury and may be lost for the season.  Cain is seen as the center fielder of the future and may have been given a chance in Milwaukee as early as next season.  This may have happened anyway, but I now think a likely result of this is the Brewers attempting to bring back Mike Cameron for 2010 since Cain will likely need more development.

One final note.  For anyone interested, a guy from work started a great scouting blog.  He gives great observation and insight on players he sees during work.  I swear he knows just about every player and prospect in the game.  He’s also doing an incredibly thorough study on the regression of relief pitchers.  I’ve flipped through it; it’s the size of an encyclopedia.  He projected a regression for Brad Lidge before the season, and as you may know, Lidge has been pretty bad so far this season.  I really recommend checking it out.


5 responses to “The Brewers are Joe Pesci and the Pirates are the guy who got an ice pick through the back of his head in “Goodfellas”

  1. Kieth Law said on his blog that’s it’s 4-6 weeks-ish.

  2. For Cain that is.

  3. Good to know. Guess I missed that update.

  4. Wow that is outstanding.

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