Posted by Steve

Just terrible news for the Brewers today, as Rickie Weeks is lost for the season with a torn tendon sheath in his wrist.  Amazingly, he has now suffered this injury on both wrists.  It will require surgery with 4-6 months of recovery time.

I’ve been getting calls and texts all day.  People are talking to me as if someone just died, which is a bit embarrassing to be honest.  Either way, I’m incredibly bummed out over this.  I was worried, but this was even worse than I figured.  This is a big blow to the Brewers, but I feel terrible for Weeks as well.  He was finally putting it all together.  He would have made the All-Star team.  Not only was he crushing the ball, but his defense had been very good this season.  Fangraphs had Weeks on pace to be worth about $30 million this season, which shows he’s been well above average on both sides of the ball.  That’s an insane number similar to CC Sabathia’s value last season.  He’s been more valuable than Ryan Braun (again, that’s factoring defense).

The Brewers are about to sweep the Cardinals (up four heading to the ninth), and I hardly even care.  Mat Gamel’s home run was exciting, but I felt better for about two minutes.  I have thoughts on what the Brewers can/should do to replace Weeks, but I think I’ll hold off on that.  I don’t feel like discussing that at length yet.  I’ll allow myself to be bummed tonight and add more thoughts on replacing him tomorrow.


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