Brewers at Twins, 5/24/09

Posted by Steve

As much fun as the last game blog was, it was pretty difficult following it with live comments.  A friend recommended CoveritLive, so I’ll give that a shot and see how it goes.  Barring a very long Arizona-Oakland game I have for work that starts at 4 EST/3CST, I will be back here for the start of the game.  Apparently this program is great for reader comments, so feel free to join in.  See you later tonight for what hopefully will be the salvaging of one game in Minnesota.

Click here for game blog


2 responses to “Brewers at Twins, 5/24/09

  1. Awesome – I’m excited to see how this works. I think there actually should even be a way for you to embed the live game blog onto this page. Oh well, next time. Hopefully the brewers can shut down the torrid middle M’s

  2. I was also hoping to embed the program right into the post, but apparently this is the only way to do it with a WordPress blog. That sucks; first bad thing I can say about WordPress since I started.

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