Pitch Charting: Gallardo vs. Carpenter

Posted by Steve

Considering all the high-scoring games yesterday, I was fortunate to be assigned to the Brewers-Cardinals game from yesterday. As you might imagine, it’s probably the best pitched game I’ve charted all season. I take some notes every game I chart, and I figured since it was such a good game I’d share them here.

Yovani Gallardo

Pitches and Average Velocity:  Fastball (91), Curveball (79), Slider (85), Changeup (84)

  • First time through the lineup used fastball, curve, slider.  Mixed in changeup beginning with the second time through the order.
  • His fastball location was great.  He was painting corners and regularly hitting his spots with the fastball.  He sat comfortably at 91-92 and touched 95-96 a few times.
  • His two plus pitches are a fastball and curve, but his location on the curve was shaky at times today.  He opted for the slider more than the curve in the earlier innings, which is a bit unusual for him.  He went back to the curve later in the game, and found more success.  He got Albert Pujols twice on curveballs in the dirt, including one in the eighth which was the worst swing I’ve ever seen Pujols take.
  • He was effective, but he wasn’t exactly efficient.  He needed 126 pitches to get through eight innings (Incidentally, I was angry that Macha sent him out to start the eighth.  Gallardo is the most irreplaceable player on the team, and throwing him that many pitches is really asking for trouble).  He had some trouble putting people away at times, and threw a few too many balls.  However, it says a lot about him that he was able to throw eight shutout innings without being his sharpest.
  • Pitch selection in this game: 65% fastballs, 17.5% curveballs, 9.5% sliders, 5% changeups, 3% no video (broadcast missed pitch).

Chris Carpenter

Pitches and Average Velocity: Fastball (92), Slider (88), Curveball (75), Changeup (84)

  • Gallardo was good, but Carpenter was just about perfect.  He had outstanding control of his fastball, curveball and slider and issued no walks.
  • He used his breaking pitches liberally, which was the right strategy against the Brewers’ righty-stacked lineup.
  • He was very efficient, as he pounded the strike zone and got many outs early in the count.
  • Easily could have thrown in the ninth, as he was at 93 pitches after eight innings, but Tony La Russa obviously is easing him back into things after coming off the DL.
  • Pitch selection in this game: 37.6% fastballs, 31.2% curveballs, 28% sliders, 3.2% changeups.

So there you have it.  Nothing too interesting, but having this for every pitcher I chart over the entire season should really help.

Hopefully Suppan can keep up the recent dominance of the Cardinals, but I’m not crazy about the matchup against Adam Wainwright.


2 responses to “Pitch Charting: Gallardo vs. Carpenter

  1. Brian Anderson kept comparing Gallardo’s and Carpenter’s games until about the 6th or 7th inning, it was getting pretty annoying. That’s like saying “Babe Ruth and David Justice had outstanding careers!”

  2. Yeah, Gallardo was really working to get his outs while Carpenter was just on cruise control. There was a big difference.

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