What in Tarnation is wrong with Manny Parra?

Posted by Dan

The Brewers sent Manny Parra down to Nashville after yesterday’s debacle, calling up lefty Chris Narveson to take his place. You would have a hard time finding a more disappointing performance this year than that of ole Manny. Instead of a breakout year, the Crew so far hasn’t even really gotten serviceable numbers from Parra. After yesterday, his ERA ballooned to 7.52 with a tidy 1.92 WHIP. It’s easy to forget the stretch of 5 starts at the end of April/beginning of May in which he turned 4 quality starts out of 5, with the only non QS being a 5 inning, 1 run outing.  Since then however, the wheels have come off: 21.1 IP, 32 ER(!!), 16 K:16 BB.  Clearly, by being able to merely turn on your computer, and access the internet you are able to see the problem for Parra is his walk rate: it currently is at 5.1 BB/9.  The problem seems somewhat bizarre as Parra has a career minor league walk rate of 2.5, yet that number has grown to 4.5  over his MLB career.

Long term this horrible stretch is just a hiccup, and sending him down to Nashville will hopefully allow him to recover his lost control so he contribute to the Crew later this year.  I’ll also add that Parra has been rather unlucky this year, with a strand rate of only 60.5%, which is 10% lower than his career norm. His FIP of 5.12 is nearly 2.5 runs lower than his actual ERA which signifies he’s pitched better than his 8 ERA indicates (it must be hard to pitch bad enough to warrant an 8 ERA). Hopefully he fixes whatever is causing his problems throwing strikes, and is back in a month.


4 responses to “What in Tarnation is wrong with Manny Parra?

  1. It’s ugly all across the board for Parra. You can point to the walks, which is a huge issue, but it’s really everything. Walks are up, hits allowed are up, home runs are up, strikeouts are down. If being bad wasn’t enough, he’s had the worst luck of his career. You mentioned the strand rate, and his BABIP is also 31 points higher than last season.

    What’s concerning to me is that he’s lost 1.5 mph off his fastball. Last year he averaged 92.4 mph, this year it’s been 90.9. That probably goes a long way towards explaining why he’s been hit so much harder.

  2. Steve, your site just got hacked by some dude named Dan!

  3. I read the post, read the first reply, and then thought “Hah I guess someone named Steve commented on Steve’s post.” Didn’t catch it til I saw Shawn’s. You guys write/talk too similarly.

  4. Dan is fully aware that I use “tarnation” just about daily in conversation, so I blame him for the mix-up.

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