Protecting your assets

Posted by Steve

I mentioned recently that I’m becoming concerned with Yovani Gallardo’s workload this season.  I was unable to find Pitcher Abuse ratings for 2009 (maybe it hasn’t been compiled yet), but Yo is definitely one of the more abused pitchers to this point.  He has thrown 110 pitches or more five times already this season.

Last night really ticked me off.  Ken Macha was given a great opportunity to not push Gallardo to the limit.  Yo was great yesterday, and it was very enjoyable to watch.  He was finally tested in the seventh inning, but managed to get out of a jam.  The Brewers led 5-1 at that time.  I’m not sure of his exact pitch count, but it was right around 100.  Gallardo really had to work to get out of that inning, and it was obvious that he had lost some effectiveness.  With a four run lead, removing him from the game was the correct move–this was painfully obvious.

Instead, Macha inexplicably ran him out there to start the eighth.  He labored through two outs but was unable to get out of the inning and was removed from the game.  He finished with an incredibly unnecessary pitch count of 118.

This is the same crap Ned Yost pulled with Ben Sheets last year.  He repeatedly tried to squeeze an extra inning out of Sheets even when the game was well in hand.  It’s incredibly stupid with a pitcher with an injury history (Sheets), and it’s equally stupid with a young pitcher who missed most of the previous season (Gallardo).  It would be one thing if it was a one or two run game, but a four run game in the eighth should be fine in the hands of your bullpen.

Yo is the most irreplaceable player on the Brewers’ roster.  If he gets injured, their season is up in smoke.  The Brewers should be jumping at any chance they get to remove him from a game before racking up a high pitch count.

If you can’t tell, this really ticks me off.  He’s one of your most valuable assets, so stop being so careless.


5 responses to “Protecting your assets

  1. I read that either Baseball Prospectus or Hardball Times did a study and found that 120 is the number where pitcher performance really begins to deteriorate.

    I can understand this aggravating you, as it would many people who watch their young hurlers go out and throw over 115 pitches when there appeared to be a time to yank him.

    Might Macha lack some confidence in some of the guys in the pen?

  2. Yeah, it’s not that I get angry any time he hits 110, but I get angry when it’s not at all necessary.

    He might lack confidence in the pen, but Gallardo had already got through the middle of the game. They only had a couple innings left and therefore could have used their better relievers. Against the Giants that shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Here’s a link to Pitcher Abuse Points. Looks like Gallardo’s only 11th:

  4. Thanks! Not sure why I couldn’t find that.

    While “only” 11th, it confirms my suspicion that he’s been one of the more abused pitchers. He’s 23 years old, and he only threw 24 innings last season! He shouldn’t even be in the top 30.

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