Remind me a year from now…

Posted by Steve

I don’t normally care much about the home run derby, particularly because Chris Berman makes my ears bleed, but that was pretty cool.  If nothing else, it was good to have something positive after a rough end to the first half of the season.  Prince stole the show.  This photo by ESPN is awesome.

And how great is it that he did the “untuckem” in front of the very fanbase who is so offended by it?  I couldn’t believe that dude from MLB mentioned it when he presented the trophy.  I could just picture Rick Horton’s blood boiling.  He’s the Cardinals announcer who said untucking jerseys after a win is the most disrespectful thing he’s seen (paraphrasing).

I’m really going to have to remember to live-blog the derby next year just for the sheer absurdity of the commentary.  In fact, if anyone reads this and remembers next year, please remind me.  While the ESPN broadcast wasn’t anything special (we heard better insight in two minutes of Albert Pujols talking about Prince Fielder than any of the analysts), I noticed they nipped the Rick Reilly experiment in the bud after on year. It’s a bad night to be an atheist! Sha-wuhhh?

For what it’s worth, and since I should probably say something more than “hey that was a cool home run derby,” I’m not worried about a big power drop from Fielder because he participated in the derby.  He has a pretty natural uppercut swing (as Joe Morgan pointed out about 47 times during the broadcast).  He also hit 50 homers in 2007, the last time he was in the derby.  Generally, I think the impact that it has on players is pretty overblown.


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