I like my women like I like my Coffey

Posted by Steve

I’m sitting here watching the Brewers-Dodgers game, and Todd Coffey just came into the game in a big spot and retired Manny Ramirez.  On a whim, I was compelled to make a quick in-game post.  I have some definite crow to eat as far as Coffey is concerned.

I was irritated when Ken Macha began using him in high-leverage situations more and more, particularly when it was ahead of DiFelice.  I thought he was a decent bullpen arm, but nothing more.  He’s proven to be a strong setup guy.  DiFelice, despite some recent struggles, will always be my first (ROOGY, that is), but Coffey has also been death to right-handers as well.  Righties are OPSing .528 against him entering tonight’s game.

The starting rotation is a huge question mark, but the Brewers’s bullpen should be in good shape in the coming years with Coffey, DiFelice and Stetter under control long-term.


2 responses to “I like my women like I like my Coffey

  1. So are you saying you like your women to be right handed one night only gals?

  2. No, I’m saying I like women who break into a full sprint in unorthodox situations.

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