…Yep, it’s ugly

Posted by Steve

Clearly the Brewers don’t read this blog (joking), because they did exactly what I said they couldn’t conceivably do: they called up J.J. Hardy one day after his free agency was postponed.  I’m very surprised and a bit confused.  This makes it clear to everyone that service time was the primary factor in Hardy’s demotion.

The only part I blame the Brewers for is the timing of this.  I don’t think they did anything else wrong.  I would have loved to hear Hardy face the music for once and own up to this.  “I’m not happy about what happened, but I’m the only one I can blame.  I haven’t performed well enough.”  Somehow, though, I knew that wouldn’t happen.  Being upset is one thing, but holding it against the Brewers is another.

Hardy’s reaction was about what I expected.  He tends to complain/make excuses openly a bit more than most players.  He spoke out when Yost hit him eighth last year.  He then complained this year after he was sent down that he didn’t get enough time off.  I generally don’t care for that stuff, but I really can’t blame him for being upset over losing free agency.  I’d also be ticked about the timing of this call-up if I was Hardy.

I’m really hoping the two sides will be able to get past this, because I’d like to see Hardy back next year.  I’m just skeptical that it will actually happen.


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