What in tarnation is Ken Macha thinking?

Posted by Steve

Ken Macha’s propensity to play veterans over young players bugged me at times this season, but now it’s reached a different level.  Did Mat Gamel kick Macha’s dog?  Do Casey McGehee or Craig Counsell have incriminating photos of him?  Because something like that would be the only explanation for not playing Gamel at least half the time the rest of the way.

Here’s what Macha had to say once Gamel was called up.  “I’m sure (Gamel) will get a couple of games.  But it’s tough to get McGehee out of there.  He has done a great job.”

Ugh.  Yes, McGehee has been one of the only bright spots of this season, but we’ve seen him all year.  Aren’t the Brewers at least curious to see what Gamel would do with a few weeks of regular playing time?  They never gave him that the last time they called him up.

McGehee over Gamel is one thing.  But today, I went to JSOnline and saw this headline: Counsell at third.  This is the tipping point for me.  Playing Counsell at third over Gamel when the team has no playoff aspirations is absurd and unacceptable.  Teams do not play 39-year-olds over their top prospect when they’re 16 games out of first in September.  They play their young players.  Counsell is another guy who’s had a very good year, but there is no reason he should start at third or short the rest of the season.  The Brewers have really botched their handling of Mat Gamel this season.

While we’re at it, am I going insane, or has Corey Patterson started in center field for the Brewers the last few days?  And hit leadoff?! Perhaps I’m just having a nightmare.  Corey Patterson is not a major league player.  He’s had more than ample time (3751 plate appearances) to prove that–and his career .290 on-base percentage speaks for itself.  Corey Hart was activated yesterday, yet Macha still decided to play Patterson over Hart.  Looking at a boxscore and seeing him at the top of the lineup just about sums up this season perfectly for me: it’s a disaster.


One response to “What in tarnation is Ken Macha thinking?

  1. The only thing it can be is that some evil genius has transplanted Dusty Baker’s brain into Ken Macha.

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