Still here

Posted by Steve

Yes, I realize the Brewers are still playing.  There are a couple reasons why I haven’t posted much.  1.  I lost most of my desire to discuss the Brewers’ 2009 season any further when Craig Counsell got a start at third base the other night.  I’m much more likely to discuss the upcoming off-season.  2.  Somehow, my internship at BIS is already winding down, and I’ve been pretty busy with job/moving out stuff.

It truly was a great “job.”  I put that in quotes because I don’t feel as though I’ve actually worked all summer.  Watching and learning more about baseball is something I’d do in my free time, so it’s been great.  I’ve had fun working with other baseball nuts from all different parts of the country.

I guess I don’t really have much more than that right now.  On with the pointless push for .500!


3 responses to “Still here

  1. What’s your plan after things wrap up at BIS?

  2. For the time being, I’m headed back home. I’m sending resumes all over, so we’ll just wait and see what happens.

  3. Steve, if you want I can try and get you a soul-less job in a global insurance company in a region of the country that you have no desire to live in; just let me know, they some-what tolerate beards.

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