Gas on the fire

Posted by Steve

I just wanted to pass along this pretty timely article from the Wall Street Journal written by Jonah Keri.  I’m encouraged that this idea is really starting to catch steam.  It will probably take a few years, but I really expect to see the roles of umpires diminished–and that’s a good thing.

Not much else, really.  The Brewers hired a new pitching coach, Rick Peterson.  I’m sure what will happen is the three pitchers in the Brewers rotation who had the worst years of their careers will regress to the mean and improve somewhat, which will lead to a bevy of articles praising the genius of the new coach.


2 responses to “Gas on the fire

  1. Maybe it is just my hazy perception, but why does there seem to be more horrible calls during Yankee games?

  2. That’s definitely been the case in this year’s playoffs…

    You mean Cano wasn’t really on the bag here? Are you sure??

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