Yesss… Everything is going according to plan *Evil laughter*

Posted by Steve

At the end of 2009, I made a post about what I’d like to see from the Brewers this off-season.  To summarize, the four main things I wanted to see off the bat were:  Seth McClung non-tendered, Braden Looper’s option declined, Jason Kendall not re-signed, and David Weathers’ option declined.  Lo and behold, here we sit on December 18, and all of these things have occurred.  H-yeah!

Really the only thing that happened that I wasn’t hoping for was the Hardy-Gomez swap, and losing Cameron in the process.  But that deal also saved quite a bit of money which has been/will be used to upgrade the pitching staff.

Craig Counsell was signed for $2 million, an absolute bargain for a great utility infielder.  You can’t expect his offense to be quite as good as 2009, but then again, it was the first time he ditched that crazy batting stance, so expecting something close isn’t unreasonable.  Counsell has been a great value for the Brewers.  He’s outperformed his contract each of the last three years.  Fangraphs had him worth $12.7 million last season!  With Weeks coming back from serious injury and Escobar being thrown to the wolves, Counsell will provide much needed depth.

I still fully expect the Brewers to add at least one more starter to bump Jeff Suppan out of the rotation, but that probably won’t happen until at least mid-January.  Doug Melvin will probably let the market play out and see what value is there as Spring Training approaches, whether that’s through a trade or free agency.

Changing course here.  Making things even better is today’s  trade by our lovable losers to the south, the Cubs.  They traded Milton Bradley to Seattle for Carlos Silva.  Carlos Silva!  It sounds like the Cubs are getting some cash back in the deal, but that really is beside the point.  They were so desperate to get rid of Bradley that they were willing to take on a player with basically no value.

Bradley’s WAR

2009: 1.0

2008: 4.5

2007: 2.4

Silva’s WAR

2009: -0.1

2008: 1.5

2007: 3.3

They traded Bradley for one of the worst contracts in the game, who also happened to have negative value last season.  How great is that?  They backed themselves into a corner so badly that they would have rather taken on a near worthless pitcher than give Bradley a chance to rebound!  Better yet, one of the guys rumored to be a candidate to replace Bradley is none other than Scott Podsednik.  If the Cubs replace Rich Harden with Carlos Silva and Milton Bradley with Scott Podsednik in the same off-season, I may not be able to contain myself.

Of course, I did what I always do when something bad happens to the Cubs: go read North Side Baseball.  Here are some of my favorites:

(From this morning, when the trade was still a rumor)We know it won’t be Silva unless Hendry is truly feeling career suicidal.

That’d be awesome if we traded Bradley and then basically replaced him with Scotty Pods. That’ll make our team better.

Silva carries himself like an ace; the rest will figure itself out.

Is it pretty safe to say that Hendry hate is at an all time high?

It’s okay guys, Rich Harden gets hurt a lot. This is a lateral move in the rotation at worst. And since Silva is probably nice (since he’s fat) we’re going to have great chemistry

The meatball cub fans will love this move simply because Bradley is out of town. Silva is a terrible return for Milton.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  The holidays just got a little happier!


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