Posted by Steve

In a nauseating move, the Brewers have apparently signed Jim Edmonds to a minor league deal with a chance to make the team in Spring Training.  In terms of a baseball move, it’s low-risk and can’t really hurt.  The Brewers do need left-handed bats, though it’s hard to guess how effective Edmonds will be–he sat out all of last season, remember

In terms of my annoyance, it’s not nearly as good of a move.  I can’t stand Jim Edmonds.  His body language has always oozed of arrogance.  He WAS a good defensive outfielder back in the day, but he’s the king of slowing up on a ball so he can dive or slide to catch it.  I loved hating this guy when he was with the Cardinals, and I was entirely amused when the Cubs signed him after he played for their hated rivals for so long.  That is, until I went to that game in 2008 when Edmonds hit the grand slam off Dave Bush to complete the sweep of Milwaukee.  So there’s another reason I can’t stand Edmonds.

Eh, whatever.  It can’t be worse than the few week period in which they had Julian Tavarez.


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