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We’re in that black hole period of baseball.  Most big moves around the league have been made.  The Brewers’ roster is more or less set by now.  Yet, we’re still a few weeks away from Spring Training.  Basically, there’s not too much going on.

I have decided to take this time to update the blog, something that was probably overdue.  If you’ve got a keen eye and noticed the sidebar, you’ll see I’ve made a few changes already.

First, I got rid of the roster and links to Roto Cards.  To be honest, that didn’t need to be here beyond 2007.  It served a purpose when I was just starting this baby up and needed something just to fill space, but now that we have, like, actual archives and everything, that’s not really necessary.  I’d update them each spring and then maybe once or twice over the course of the season, so they rarely were completely accurate.  Plus, let’s be honest.  Nobody’s coming here for the Brewers’ roster anyway.

Aside from cutting the roster, I updated some links, changed the archives to a dropdown menu (between this and cutting the roster, it no longer takes four minutes to scroll to the bottom of the sidebar) and added a subscription button.  If you don’t already subscribe to B!B!KTUTH!, feel free!  We’ll get more posts going as the season approaches, and the plan is to hit the ground running for the for opening day.

The last move I’ll make is my semi-annual public mockery of Dan for his lack of posts.  Hey Dan, the last time you made a post, Mr. Clean fell off his dinosaur and he also had hair!

As far as the 2010 season, my return to Milwaukee should allow for a renewed commitment to recurring features, such as game blogs and Bill’s Scouting Report of the Week.  In fact, I’ll be looking for new ideas as well.  Does anyone have any features they’d like to see added, whether it be recurring themes or sidebar features?  Both serious and sarcastic suggestions are encouraged.

Other than that, onward and upward to Spring Training!  Here’s to a great 2010 season.


3 responses to “Housecleaning

  1. I am always a fan of your running-game diaries. The way you watch a baseball game (in-depth pitching analysis, manager critique, and general use of baseball knowledge) and the way that I watch a baseball game (uniform breakdown, oft-mentioned anecdotal references, and constant monitoring of bee-related activies) are different, so it’s good to see an entire game laid out with analysis of small plays and moves thrown in here and there. Maybe it’s because I have to search out Brewer news instead of just reading the paper or watching the games, but I also enjoy the analysis of individual players.

    Also, any beefcake related pictures are pure gold.

  2. Steve, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Corey Hart going to arbitration. Who do you think is in the right here? Was he asking for too much? Seems like it to me. The way the pay system works, even a player with a subpar season generally gets a raise. With this being Melvin’s first time in arbitration, it will be interesting to see what happens.

    I’m sure you’ll comment on Prince as the season progresses, but it seems like this issue won’t go away. Another big article in the JS today, basically saying that the team needs to pay him what he wants. I agree that the team needs to make him a significant offer, but it can’t come at the exspense of the whole franchise. This is going to hang over the team the entire season.

  3. Excellet idea, Andy! I’ll do that now!

    *smiles, gives thumbs up, teeth glisten*

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