LOL Giants

Posted by Steve

I’m guessing when people realize things like pitcher wins, RBIs and saves are meaningless will be around the time when “baseball etiquette” is discarded as petty.  In other words, I’m sure it will never happen.

How pathetic is it that the Giants were so offended by actual personality on a baseball field that they felt the need to retaliate in a Spring Training game for something that happened last year?  I’m not going to get into all that again, except to say that Prince Fielder didn’t stare down a pitcher or anything; he celebrated with his teammates–and it was awesome.

And of all people, the Giants decide to retaliate with the fireballer Barry Zito?  I bet that 84 mph four-seamer really did some damage to Fielder.

Anyway, I love Prince’s reaction (from the JS):

Fielder just stood there and looked at Zito before picking up the ball and tossing it back toward him. The plate umpire didn’t issue any warning or say anything to Fielder or Zito, at least it didn’t appear like he did.

Fielder then got to first base and loudly clapped his hands together in Zito’s direction.

As the inning ended, Zito walked off the mound and Fielder just laughed with first-base coach Ed Sedar.

“They gotta do what they gotta do,” Fielder said. “But it’s not going to take (the celebration) away. It’s chronicled.

“I hit the home run and they gotta hit me. That’s what they gotta do.”

I asked Prince if he thought the celebration was worth taking one in the back.

“Hell yeah,” Fielder said. “That’s something I did with me and my teammates. It has nothing to do with them.

“You’re damn right it was worth it.”

Zito on the other hand, didn’t cop to purposely throwing at Prince.

“We were just trying to go in there hard,” Zito said. “It’s not something that was thought about for months and months.”

Actually Barry, that’s exactly what it was.  Sounds embarrassing when you actually say it out loud, huh?

The next time Prince homers against the Giants, I hope he takes a seat on home plate before running around the bases.  Make some dirt angels or something.


3 responses to “LOL Giants

  1. Where is the “like” button?

  2. I’ll talk to WordPress.

  3. All they did by beaning him was make Sportscenter play the celebration from last year another 80 times. Joke is on them.

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