Five questions for you

Posted by Steve

1. It’s opening Day! Where does Opening Day rank for you in terms of best days of the year?

For me, it’s ahead of most holidays. Fourth of July is probably the best holiday (great weather, cookouts, etc) but Opening Day is right up there. The only sporting event that is in the same ballpark is the first day of March Madness (and once they expand the field and ruin it, Opening Day will be in a class by itself).

2. What are your Opening Day traditions?

I’ve never actually attended an Opening Day game, believe it or not. The best opening days were spent in La Crosse during college. My favorite memory is cooking out with a ton of people, watching Ben Sheets shut out the Dodgers, and then going immediately to our intramural softball game. Ah, college.

I also have a baseball playlist that I go through each Opening Day. It features Turnin’ Up The Heat, Come See What’s Brewin’, Roll Out The Barrel, Centerfield by John Fogerty, Boys of Summer by Don Henley, and Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen.

3. How are the Brewers going to do this year?

I’d like to hear people’s thoughts. Might be fun to go back at the end of the season and see who was closest. I’m going to say 80-82. I’ve been over why I don’t think they’ll improve much–improved pitching but regressed offense results in a .500-ish team. The Cards will take the division, and the Reds will probably be better than the Brewers also. At least the Cubs won’t be good–and with their aging players and terrible contracts, they’ll stay that way for a few years.

4. Should I renew the sponsorship of Mark DiFelice’s Baseball Reference page?

Shortly after I made my prized transaction, DiFelice blew out his arm and is lost for all of 2010. Who knows if he’ll ever pitch with the Brewers again? The other day I got an email asking if I want to renew the sponsorship for next season. It costs $5. I almost feel obligated to renew it, but it’s more or less throwing five bucks away–nobody’s going to visit a page of a no-name pitcher on the DL. I’m torn.

5. How big of an idiot am I?

…For scheduling something at 3:00 and ruining my off day that would have been spent watching the game? HOW BIG OF AN IDIOT AM I?


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