Return of Yost?

Posted by Steve

Shades of Ned Yost at Wrigley Field today, as Ken Macha channeled his inner-Yost in the bottom of the eighth inning. With two out, nobody on and the Brewers leading by three, Latroy Hawkins fell apart. Once the Cubs cut the lead to 6-5, Kosuke Fukudome, a left-handed hitter came up with no viable pinch hitting options. Both Mitch Stetter and Manny Parra were available, but somehow neither had even been warming up. In fact, nobody had warmed up. Hawkins was around 30 pitches (finished the inning with 39!), and the result was the least surprising base hit of the day.

What an inexcusable move. Are there any intelligent game managers available? We haven’t seen one in Milwaukee. If we hear something in the post-game interview from Macha along the lines of “We didn’t take out Hawkins because the eighth is his inning,” I’ll really know Ned Yost has returned.

I will say that I’m surprised at my complete lack of anger at a loss like this. Could it be due to my low expectations for this team?


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