Hell’s Bells!

Posted by Dan

Does Steve ever post on this blog anymore? COME ON!

So everyone at work seems to wonder what I think of Trevor Hoffman, which made me think, “Hey, posting about Hoffman is more fun than school work! Hoffman it is!”

If you’ve tuned into a Brewer game lately you’ve probably seen him allow at least one home run. On the year, the numbers: 9 innings, 15 hits, 6 home runs, 3 BB, 5 K.  Good for an ERA of 13.00 and a WHIP 2.00.  Obviously everyone is quick to stick a fork in him and simply say that he’s done.  That could be the case, but I gotta think he finds a way to get guys out again.  His average fastball is right on track with last year (85.5 mph for both).  He’s clearly just leaving everything over the plate, and I think (hope?) he can find a way out of it.  I think he keeps the job for a couple of reasons, unless he continues to be so terrible that it forces Macha’s hand:

1) He’s clearly the Brewers best option for the role, and the Brewers bullpen isn’t exceptionally deep.  I think this is one of those situations where they have to try to get Hoffman right, rather than try to find his replacement.

2) Demoting a guy to the earlier innings (to me at least) always implies some sort of mental issue/roadblock and I can’t see this being the case with Hoffman. He’s been closing games since I was 8 years and I don’t think he suddenly lost the mental composition to do it.

3) He’s got only 6 saves to get to 600 for his career.  Someone on brewerfan pointed this out, and I tend to think it will at least play more of a factor than it should: Macha will be reluctant to remove him from the role.  If he removes him, and Hoffman doesn’t get to 600 for this reason, it reflects poorly on Macha.  I tend to agree that this actually will be a role in some way. Perhaps one of those unwritten baseball rules or something. Like pulling a guy in the 5th during a no hitter if he has 6 BB and 115 pitches? I don’t know. Granted, if Macha sticks with him and Hoffman continues to give away victories, Macha will be collecting unemployment in short order.

I realize my analysis isn’t earth shattering, by recommending to “stick with the hall of famer,” but there just aren’t great options. I’m not sure how good this team can be when the back end of the bullpen doesn’t include Hoffman.

One last unrelated note, I absolutely cannot wait to listen to Davey on the radio filling in for Uecker. That is all.


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