Happy Call-up Day!

Posted by Steve

Oh, Brewers. Just when I’m tempted to give up on the season, you go and call up a fireballing reliever who dominates in his first two outings. Not only that, but you give him a glorious mustache. Then, the very next day, you call up my two favorite prospects. Well played, Mauer.

As soon as Gregg Zaun was removed from yesterday’s game, I wondered if we’d see Jonathan Lucroy called up to the majors. Sure enough. You don’t like to see guys get injured, but I’ve been looking forward to Lucroy’s debut for a long time. He’s their best bet at a homegrown starting catcher since… I don’t know, Dave Nilsson or Mike Matheny? Lucroy probably will only be up for as long as Zaun is out, but it will be fun to get a look at him. Hopefully Macha plays him more than once or twice.

Even more exciting, in my opinion, is the call-up of Studly Studson Zach Braddock. Braddock earned the coveted title of “Steve’s Favorite Prospect”  over a year ago, and he’s done nothing to change that this season in AAA: 16 innings, 28 strikeouts (!), 9 walks, 1 home run. He’s a lefty who throws gas. He was a starter before running into injury problems. He’s been so good as a reliever that they may never move him back; he’s definitely a candidate for closer of the future.

No word yet on which pitcher is out, as this move is only being reported by brewerfan at this point (yeah, they scooped the big boys yet again), but my guess is Claudio Vargas gets the DFA Hammer. He’s been useless this season.

Congrats, everyone, on a reason to keep watching the Brewers!


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