All Star Comedy

Posted by Steve

The All-Star selections have been the talk of baseball for the last day and a half, and for good reason–the job Charlie Manuel did of selecting the team might be the worst of all time. I don’t generally like to make a big stink over the All-Star teams, because it doesn’t really mean anything, and there are mistakes all the time, but this was so bad that I had to post about it.

I quickly checked yesterday, and the first thing I noticed was Ryan Howard making the team over Joey Votto. That in itself is a joke. My vote for MVP so far this season is Votto. He leads the National League in weighted on base average, while Ryan Howard is tied for eighth….  Among first basemen! Check out this buffoon’s explanation for Howard over Votto.

“Both of them are having big years,” Manuel said. “Both are standing right there. Howard’s my guy, and the fact that their numbers are very close, I had to go with my guy.”

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Charlie Manuel saying that Votto and Howard’s numbers are very close is like that time Bill Schroeder said a good WHIP was somewhere between 1 and 1.5.  First basemen who deserved a spot over Howard include:  Aubrey Huff, Adam Dunn, Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, and Gaby Sanchez. “I had to go with my guy” is simply an unacceptable reason.

That would have been bad enough, but when I quickly glanced at the team yesterday, I somehow overlooked the truly shocking selection of Omar Infante. If you’re looking for a laugh, Google “Charlie Manuel Omar Infante.” You’ll find a slew of articles reacting to the bizarre pick. I won’t bother explaining why it’s a terrible pick, as there are probably hundreds of articles that have done that already. I did want to post one link though, just because my thought was, “What was Infante’s reaction?” If I’m a player who’s having just a decent season and I make the All-Star team, I’m going to be pretty caught off guard. Well, his reaction was pretty priceless.

I got a call from [General Manager] Frank Wren, and the first thought I had was that I got traded,” Infante said through an interpreter. “I was kind of nervous and choked up. By the time Frank told me I was going to the All-Star game, I thought he was joking around. It took, like, five minutes for me to realize I’m going to the All-Star game.

Q: How do you know whether you’ve made a terrible All-Star selection?

A: The player thinks he’s been traded when you try to tell him!

In all honesty, I was hoping Rickie Weeks would make the team, but I’m not surprised he didn’t. He deserved it, but I just didn’t see them putting four players from a bad team on the All-Star team.

Also, my initial reaction to Yovani Gallardo’s injury is pretty said. After thinking too bad that he’ll miss the All-Star Game, my thought was that at least if he misses a month the team might not delude itself into thinking they’re contenders.

Finally, I see FS Wisconsin is planning another weekend at the Dells for Brewers Live. We can only hope for something this awkward.


3 responses to “All Star Comedy

  1. Could his injury have anything to do with him throwing 118 pitches or more in FIVE starts in the last two months? Good lord. A guy that I work with who is a Brewers fan was talking shit when Yoga shut down the Twins. I said I was worried about how long he was left out there and how injuries happen when you are left in that long. His response was a snooty “122 pitches isn’t that many and he won’t get hurt.”

    So now you know who is to blame. This guy who is overly confident and didn’t know what he was talking about. That being said, I hope I end up wrong.

  2. I was at that game. Everyone was giving a standing ovation when he came back out for the ninth, but I was shaking my head because they had a big lead and there was no need to push it.

    Also, how can a Brewer fan say anything to a Twins fan? Especially this season? Mind-boggling.

  3. Macha really needs to be put to bed now. Give him his pajamas and his teddy, pat him on the head… say goodnight.
    What was he thinking? I mean, I love me some Yo, but there’s absolutely no reason to be leaving Gallardo in for that many pitches. I mean really?? The B.C. just committed millions to Gallardo’s arm… W-T-F is Macha thinking by throwing it out on a season that is really not going anywhere?? And that’s just one of Macha’s many awe-inspiring decisions this season…


    Yeah, it is too bad that Yo’s going to miss the All-Star game… but I’d honestly rather have him out for a while and treated rather than participate in a game that truly doesn’t matter…

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