Cain and Able?

Posted by Steve

First things first… I’m sorry for that awful headline. I just couldn’t resist trying my hand at those one of those terrible ESPN-esque puns. I’ll do my best to keep it from ever happening again.

Potentially exciting news, as the Brewers have called up Lorenzo Cain, one of their best position prospects and someone I hope will be a future starting outfielder in Milwaukee. Cain has been banging the door down this season, hitting at a .326/.407/.439 clip between AA and AAA. He is supposedly a capable center fielder, and may eventually hit enough to play right field.

I called this move potentially exciting, because I am waiting to see whether Cain will get the Gamel treatment. I did not hide the fact that I hated the way the Brewers handled Mat Gamel last season–called him up essentially to be a bench player. It did nothing but waste MLB service time and keep him from getting regular AB’s he would have had in the minors. I will not be happy at all if they use Cain in a similar manner.

The Brewers need to take advantage of a bad situation (a lost season) and play Cain and Carlos Gomez regularly the rest of the year. It’s an opportunity to give them regular time against big league pitching without the pressure of needing to win games. Hopefully Hart is traded soon, and Edmonds should go also. Edmonds is of no use to a non-competing team. He’d be a good fit as a bench bat on a contending team, and the Brewers might be able to get something useful for him. Even if they don’t, there’s no use keeping him around to suck up playing time from guys who could be here long-term.

It’s time to see what Lo Cain can do, and time to see if Gomez can even play. They should each be getting at least 4 starts a week soon enough. If not, the Brewers are wasting an opportunity.


5 responses to “Cain and Able?

  1. I really wanted to say it within the post, but I talked myself into at least leaving it for the comment section because it’s in such poor taste: Cain is MURDERING the ball this season!

    Ah, boy. I’m sorry everyone.

  2. Ha! Bible humor.
    My money’s on Macha using Cain almost exclusively as a pinch hitter against left handers.

  3. Ugh. Shocker of the century.

    Macha wasn’t sure how much playing time Cain would get in center field with Carlos Gomez and Jim Edmonds already sharing time there, but he likes having the right-handed bat off the bench since everyone else on it is left-handed unless Gomez or Jonathan Lucroy aren’t playing.

    “(The Braves) have three lefties in the bullpen, and we know their closer is going to be a lefty (Billy Wagner),” Macha said. “Right now if they got one of those lefties in there, he’s got a chance to get in there. There’s been days where I’ve had no right-handed bats on the bench.”

    Adam nailed it. If this is the case, I hope they just send him (or Gomez) down when Yo is activated.

  4. I won’t worry unless they start calling him and one of his teammates bash BROTHERS.

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