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There aren’t many positive things to take away from this season, but I’m going to focus on my biggest reason for remaining interested in the team this season: Lorenzo Cain.

Cain had a very nice year at AAA, and he’s been solid since being called up to Milwaukee. If you missed yesterday’s game, you missed today’s top play on Sportscenter.

Cain has been better defensively than I expected as well. His offense isn’t outstanding (slugging is a bit low), but it’s certainly adequate for center field. At the very least, he’s a better option than Carlos Gomez, despite whatever bonehead things Gomez says.

At this point, I don’t care at all about wins and losses. In a way I suppose that’s depressing, but it’s kind of a fun way to watch a baseball game. I don’t know that I’ve been upset by a Brewer game all year, and that’s something I couldn’t say in 2008 or even 2009. All I care about now is watching guys like Cain, Jonathan Lucroy, Mat Gamel (should be called up any day), and yeah, even Alcides Escobar. In other words, give me the young guys who have a future here.


4 responses to “Lorenzo!

  1. It’s sad to say, but I find myself *almost* rooting for the Reds, just so the Cardinals don’t make the playoffs.

    Also- I agree….just watching at this point to see the younger guys. I’d like to see Braun get a few more days off on a regular basis for the month of September too.

  2. Steve, you have yet to address one of the biggest issues in the NL Central…who are Brewer fans supposed to root for? It’s really the lesser of two evils. Tony LaRussa and the “best fans in baseball”, or Dusty. If I had a gun to my head, I guess I’d go with the Reds, they haven’t been to the playoffs in awhile. And Joey Votto is a good story. I’ll just root for Houston to turn it around real quickly.

  3. I think fans are in for a huge disappointment with Cain next year. His BABIP is currently .364. Once that falls to a more reasonable level, he’ll be putting up Gomez-like offensive numbers. Zips projects him at .231/.298/.346 for the rest of the season. Given how good Gomez is defensively, I’m not so sure he isn’t actually right about being the best option on the team.

  4. Surely there will be a drop-off with Cain, as nobody should expect him to hit .300 next season, but I don’t see any way Gomez would be the better option. Gomez has shown no sign he’ll ever be a major league hitter, and Cain has had the better minor league career as well. Gomez has a career .737 OPS in the minors; Cain’s is .781. This is mainly because Cain has shown a decent amount of patience, while Gomez continues to flail at everything. I love Gomez’s defense as much as anyone, but if you can’t get on base, you won’t be in a lineup.

    As far as who I’m rooting for, it’s not even a question. I despise the Cardinals. The fact that Brandon Phillips called them bitches makes me LOVE the Reds. I can’t think of anything I’d like to see more this season than Phillips hitting a bomb and taking about a minute to circle the bases.

    Plus, I traded for Joey Votto before this season in my keeper league, and he has carried my team.

    Go Reds. Seven game lead!

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