Déjà vu all over again

Posted by Steve

First of all, how about Aroldis Chapman? Who knew it was physically possible for a human to throw a baseball 104 miles an hour? I get the feeling that, while I’m rooting for the Reds this season, I’ll be pretty sick of them in a few years.

But anywho. The Brewers have added three players to the expanded September roster: Carlos Villanueva, Mat Gamel, and Jeremy Jeffress. Villanueva and Gamel weren’t suprising, but Jeffress may have raised some eyebrows. His issues have been well documented, but he’s had a nice season with a 3.58 k/bb ratio while rising through three minor league levels. I’m definitely excited to see Jeffress pump his own 100 mph heaters by hitters this month.

Then there’s Mat Gamel. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but it’s almost as if Ken Macha doesn’t like Gamel/end sarcasm. You surely don’t need to be reminded how horribly Macha mishandled Gamel in his stint in the majors last season, treating him like a veteran journeyman rather than a promising prospect. Well, he seems poised to do the same this month, even with the team playing for absolutely nothing.

But wait–there’s more! Wait until you see his reasoning:

“I’ve got some guys at the positions he plays shooting for 100 RBI,” said Macha. “Not all rosters are created equal.”

Oh my God. How asinine. 100 RBI? Who the hell cares! Apparently Macha cares more about getting players bigger contracts because of some misused statistic in a lost season than doing what’s best for the overall interest of the franchise. On second thought, that shouldn’t be too surprising, because Macha must know that he himself is not in the overall interest of the franchise.

There is not reason for Gamel not to be starting three times a week. I realize McGehee has had a very nice (offensive) season. But you’re telling me they can’t sit him once a week?

For that matter, there’s no reason to play Prince Fielder every day anymore either. The Brewers will undoubtedly point to his consecutive starts streak, but why should they care about that? The Brewers owe Prince nothing. He’s the one who doesn’t want to hang around long-term. This is a great time to try McGehee at first base.

Want to see how easy it is for Ken Macha to play Gamel 3-4 times a week? Well you’re in luck! Here, Ken, I’ll show you.

  • Day 1: Sit McGehee. Play Gamel at third.
  • Day 2: Sit Fielder. Play McGehee at first. Play Gamel at third.
  • Day 3: Sit Hart. Play Gamel in right.
  • Day 4: Sit Gamel. Let out sinister, maniacal cackle.
  • Day 5: Sit Braun. Play Gamel in left.
  • Day 6: Sit Weeks. Play McGehee at second. Play Gamel at third. This one pains me to even say, because it involves both sitting Rickie Weeks and playing Casey McGehee at a more difficult position than the one he regularly butchers, but why should we care at this point? They aren’t playing for wins and losses anymore.
  • Day 7: Sit around on off day and think of ways to further sabotage Mat Gamel’s career.

How about that? We actually got Gamel five starts, and no regular was forced to sit more than one game. Yet, Macha will call it a zim-zam and just let Gamel ride the pine. I can’t wait until next year, when Macha will be gone and Gamel will be in the everyday lineup.


2 responses to “Déjà vu all over again

  1. Day 7 made me literally laugh out loud. Well done my friend.

  2. Yeah, Macha totally screwed around with Gamel. I never understood why we brought a prospect up to sit around.

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