Who cares?

Posted by Steve

In an expected move, the Brewers will not be picking up Ken Macha’s option next season. If fans are supposed to be encouraged by this move, I have to ask: Why?

Macha didn’t do too much to make me think he’s a great manager or anything, but I don’t really see how he’s to blame for the last couple seasons. He inherited a team with awful starting pitching. Nobody would have won with these teams. This makes me think back to Dan’s post from earlier this season on Macha’s situation. It really doesn’t matter.

Why? Because the Brewers will just hire another “baseball guy” who will do all the same things Macha did, like hit Carlos Gomez second. The only reason I’m pleased he’s gone is that now Mat Gamel will come back from the dead (Congrats to whoever had 17 in the “Mat Gamel’s September Plate Appearances” Pool!).

What I’d love to see is someone who thinks outside the box. I’d like to see things like hitting the pitcher eighth, hitting Braun second, and using their best reliever in high leverage situations rather than just save situations. If the Brewers do something like hire Willie Randolph or Dale Sveum, they might as well have not even let Macha go. Again, though, it won’t matter one bit who’s managing if they don’t improve the defense and pitching next season.


2 responses to “Who cares?

  1. You mean hitting the catcher 9th…?

  2. Whoops. I actually meant hitting the pitcher eighth. Fixed… Danke.

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