This is the song that never ends…

Posted by Steve

If it seems like I never stop complaining about baseball’s failing and archaic officiating system, well, it’s because I pretty much don’t. As I’ve said repeatedly, their extremely limited use of replay is not nearly enough. In fact, the biggest problem–more than blown calls on the bases–is the strike zone.

After spending a year with BIS, I estimated that umpires clearly blow, at minimum, ten ball/strike calls per game. I would actually say ten missed calls is a good day for a home plate ump. Here would be an example of a bad day.

Edit: Here’s the image of the strike zone from Brooks Baseball. The red are called strikes; the green are balls. Wow.

31 wrong calls! How embarrassing is it that this system is still used!

And no, it isn’t just the strike zone. The only run of the Giants-Braves game last night was scored by a player who was thrown out stealing earlier that inning! The Rays have been screwed by two easily reviewable calls that led to their fans chanting ‘Replay! Replay!’ Bad calls are an epidemic. Any other league would have made drastic changes by this point, but not the good ol’ boys of baseball. BaseballΒ is without a doubt the most stubborn, run by the old guard, afraid to change, difficult to break into (trust me) game on the planet. So in turn, we’re stuck with yet another joke of a playoffs in which bad calls run rampant.


2 responses to “This is the song that never ends…

  1. I know you don’t care about soccer, but honestly FIFA is worse. Think about World Cup.

  2. That seems to be the only sport that’s on the same level of stubbornness as baseball.

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