Valuable, or just beneficial?

Posted by Steve

More faulty rankings from writers to pick apart. I didn’t even bother addressing the JS’s “Player Grades” this year, because they’re maddeningly ambiguous. I couldn’t help myself, though, when I saw the Baseball Writers’ of Milwaukee’s MVP.

Before we get started, far and away the most valuable player on the Brewers (offensively anyway, because they seem to have a separate “award” for pitchers) was Rickie Weeks. His production combined with the difficulty of his position and the fact that his defense improved over the course of the year had him more valuable than any everyday player on the team. Fangraphs actually has Weeks as the sixth most valuable player in the NL, although you surely won’t see him on anyone’s MVP ballots; most writers are clueless.

Instead, the Brewers’ writers chose the player who was, at best, the fourth most valuable: Casey McGehee. McGehee’s entire basis for this was his RBI total, which was only made possible because he had three great (and more valuable) hitters ahead of him in the lineup. Not to mention, McGehee’s defense was decidedly bad at third base. He was, in short, a terrible choice for Brewers’ MVP.

In other news, the Brewers are interviewing about 18 people for their managerial position. Here’s to an uninspiring hire.


2 responses to “Valuable, or just beneficial?

  1. Just curious, who would be a refreshing face the Brewers could hire that wouldn’t be another clone of the last 2-3 managers?

  2. All I know is I don’t want to see a retread “old guard” manager who’s going to do all the by-the-book things. To be honest, I’d go for a young, first-time manager and roll the dice.

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