Runnin’ Ron Roenicke!

Posted by Steve

Or as I’ll probably end up calling him, Runnin’ (Into Outs) Ron Roenicke!

By all accounts, he sounds like a good character guy. He sounds like he’ll make more of an effort to build some sort of relationship with the players than Macha did, which can’t be a bad thing. And again, I won’t say anything definitive until he’s actually managed some games. Still, these are real, actual quotes that sure have me worried:

You guys are going to be asking “Why are you getting thrown out so much?”

“I guarantee we’re going to score more runs by being aggressive.” (And also make more outs.)

And finally…

“I wanted to be more aggressive [than Scioscia].”



One response to “Runnin’ Ron Roenicke!

  1. I understand your skepticism, but I do like the fact that Joe Maddon and Bud Black both worked under Scioscia, and they establish the same personality as Roenicke. I think good things are brewing (pun intended) in Milwaukee with this signing.

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