End of an Era

Posted by Steve

Chalk this up as a win for baseball statheads, the English language, and reason: Joe Morgan is out as ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcaster after 21 freaking years.

To be honest, I’m struggling to make up my mind. In the grand scheme, it’s definitely a good thing for baseball. I’m sure there were many who believed Joe’s unprepared, under-researched, stubborn brand of broadcasting, so it can’t be a bad thing that he’s gone. No longer will ESPN’s top baseball analyst say things like, “I can’t comment on the Marlins, because I haven’t had the chance to see them this season,” or “The first thing I look at when voting for Cy Young is wins.”

At the same time, a part of me is sad. I loved tuning in to Sunday Night Baseball just to hear what whacky thing Joe would say next. I’ll miss Joe making an error and Jon awkwardly refusing to point it out, along with Joe’s stubborn silence after he’s been proven wrong. I’ll miss him boasting about his playing career. And I know I’ll never forget the inning and a half he spent dialoguing on what defines a small market team this past season.

Deadspin has some great comments on this, but my favorite: “Morgan didn’t see the ratings numbers, but it felt like enough people were watching the games.”



One response to “End of an Era

  1. Joe is gone and what will be with Mr. Miller?
    Joe was such a fine spokesperson for MLB refusing to raise hairs about anything.
    My fondest memory of the duo was Jon’s momentary lapse of reason contemplating why the homerun poles are called foul poles. After all, if it hits a pole, it is considered fair.

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