How about this for a conversation piece?

Posted by Steve

So I went to the Miller Park Clubhouse Sale today. They had some cool stuff, but a lot of it  was amusing: Brad Fischer helmet, Marcus Hanel game-worn jerseys, Jeff Suppan game-worn jerseys, Johnny Estrada t-shirt jerseys (My brother: does it make you slow and lazy when you put it on?), Braden Looper picture cards, etc.

Then I came across something very interesting. When I first saw it, I laughed and thought, ‘Oh, that would be funny to have.’ Then I kept looking at it, and I thought, ‘Wait… This would really be awesome to have. I think I want this!’

Result: Today, I topped B.B.K.T.U.T.H.’s purchase of Mark DiFelice’s Baseball Reference page as my craziest Brewer-related purchase.


I bet you’d like to know what it is.



It’s killing you, isn’t it?



Alright, here you go.




Allow me to take you through your own thought process as you look at this image.

Hmm. Looks like a lineup card. That’s pretty cool. Brewers vs. Phillies… Is that from the playoff series? Nope… September 2008. That’s still the regular season. It says Game #1 at the top… That must mean it’s a double header. Hmm. Dave Bush started the game, then Mota came in, then Shouse oh my God it’s the game that got Yost fired. HE BOUGHT THE LINEUP CARD FROM THE GAME THAT GOT NED YOST FIRED!


See for yourself!

There are a few Brewer games that are so transcendent in my head, particularly from that season. I remember where I was for many of them. Fielder’s walk-off against Pittsburgh (at the game). Braun’s walk-off grand slam against Pittsburgh (at the game). Obviously, the final game that clinched the wildcard (in La Crosse with a bunch of friends).

Thing is, the lineup cards for those games weren’t there, and they were probably pretty expensive anyway. But there were some awful games from that season as well. The game against the Cubs in which Yost used Mench over Jenkins (in my living room; threw my phone against the couch). The extra-innings meltdown in which they blew a huge lead in the ninth against the Cubs (completely distracted in a meeting at work).

And finally, the Shouse game that got Ned Yost fired. I was at my friend Adam’s, which is a good thing, because otherwise I might have destroyed something. Regardless, it was the angriest I’ve ever been watching a sporting event. As far as Yost was concerned, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He was fired the next day.

You can’t tell me that’s not a monumental game! And now I have the lineup card! Nobody can convince me that this isn’t incredibly awesome.


5 responses to “How about this for a conversation piece?

  1. Congratulations Steve!!! That is truly an exciting purchase!!

  2. I get to tour the ins and outs of Target field next Tuesday! So pumped, even if I don’t get to buy a sad looking Twins lineup card. 🙂

  3. I really don’t have anything to say about this other than it makes me really happy that this crucial piece of Brewers history is in the hands of someone who can truly appreciate the final nail in Ned Yost’s coffin. My question is was this sold as Ned’s final game or just a freak coincidence that only hardcore Brewer fans would know? Why would the Brewers market something like this? “Hurry hurry hurry! Get your hands on the final game of the first manager who brought the Brewers to the playoffs in 25 years and didn’t even make it to the postseason!”

    I can’t wait till you die and this gets willed to your grandson who downloads it into his facewatch via his mytube and doesn’t understand the cultural and historical significance of what his inner cortex is blanketing.

  4. I got the lineup card from Hoffman’s last save #601…I think that is way cooler!

  5. Shawn, this was definitely not presented as “Yost’s last game” or anything like that. It was in a stack of lineup cards. It happened to be near the top, and we recognized the game instantly.

    Sweet get Will… I’m happy with mine though.

    Jake, maybe they’ll be selling some of Joe Mauer’s trimmed sideburn hair.

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