Beefcake Braun?

Posted by Steve

Interesting tidbit from the JS story on Braun.

Already something of a workout fiend by nature, Braun became even more energized by his meeting with Roenicke and the team’s subsequent pitching moves. He hooked up with former teammate Gabe Kapler, who at 36 has kept a Mr. Universe physique, for workouts at Pepperdine University, a mile from Braun’s home.

“That guy has to be one of the best physical specimens, if not the best, in baseball, and one of the hardest workers,” Braun said of Kapler, who is trying to latch on with the Los Angeles Dodgers as a non-roster player. “He’s in incredible shape. Just working out and competing with him, there’s no doubt it made me bigger, stronger and more athletic.”

Dare I speculate whether Braun will be posing like this this season?

Fine, it’s a stretch. But it’s been a few years since I posted these things, and I almost forgot how funny they are.


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