Posted by Steve

Doug Melvin had a fantastic off-season by acquiring Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum, but to be honest, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by most of his other moves. I understand having to take back Yuniesky Betancourt, but at that point they should have just cut him and upgraded the position. I hate the Mark Kotsay signing, particularly at the expense of Joe Inglett. And I really don’t like Friday’s trade at all.

Chris Dickerson was the fourth outfielder by depth chart, and the third outfielder by actual ability. Trading him for Sergio Mitre, who is pretty much just a guy, makes no sense.

“As long as he throws like he did last year,” said Melvin. “He’s got some experience.”

He’s got some experience? Who cares? He’s a 30 year-old righthander who had a pedestrian 1.81 k/bb ratio and a 4.69 FIP last season. His WAR was 0.0, meaning he’s replacement level.  So “as long as he throws like last year” clearly refers to his extremely lucky 3.3 ERA, because as the peripherals show, he wasn’t any good.

Mitre might be a slight upgrade over Estrada for a couple starts, but when it comes at the expense of Dickerson, it isn’t worth it. Dickerson is huge insurance for Carlos Gomez, who still hasn’t proved anything. Dickerson/Gomez made too much sense as a platoon in center. Now, the Brewers reserve outfielders are probably something like Brandon Boggs, Mark Kotsay, and Jeremy Reed. If those aren’t the worst reserve outfielders in the majors, they’re right up there.

Not only that, but now Carlos Gomez is the clear starting center fielder. This is the guy who had a .298 OBP last year and was benched due to ineffectiveness.

Really, the Brewers are made up of about 9 good to great players, and then a bunch of fringe roster guys. Injuries could be more difficult to overcome than on most teams.


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