Posted by Steve

A few thoughts after a week’s worth of games.

  • Ryan Braun is going to have a huge season. It seemed like he was playing injured for much of last season, and now that he’s healthy, he is locked in. Three homers already, and more notably, six walks in seven games. The only thing he hasn’t brought to the table offensively to this point in his career is great plate discipline. If he keeps drawing walks and is able to get 80 or more, he’s going to be one of the best three or four hitters in the game this season.
  • There’s plenty to talk about offensively for Rickie Weeks so far, but I’ve been more impressed with his defense. Granted, I’ve listened to a few games, but from what I’ve seen, Weeks has made some very nice plays. Even his “error” on Saturday was a nice play that Prince Fielder botched.
  • Yuniesky Betancourt is just as bad as advertised, both offensively and defensively.
  • I am going to love Nyjer Morgan. He’s like Carlos Gomez with on-base ability. He needs to be playing every day against right-handers. If you want to experience an entertaining ten minutes, listen to his interview with Homer.
  • It’s been very reassuring to see John Axford come back with back-to-back saves after the opening day debacle. I also think his choice of New Noise for his entrance song is awesome compared to the generic crap most closers use, but it sounds like they need to do some editing work on what segments they play. I’ll have to see for myself once I see it live.
  • How long until Morgan is hitting leadoff with Weeks sliding down to second? Gomez is killing them hitting second. Morgan, Weeks, Braun, Fielder against righties is a great first four. Weeks will be in a position where his power is a bit more valuable, and there will be people on base more often for Braun and Fielder.
  • If you thought an 0-4 start was frustrating, imagine Rays or especially Red Sox fans. Boston was the runaway favorite, and an 0-6 start is actually a bit of a hole. People saying not to panic are right, but I think many are underestimating the significance of an 0-6 start. Six game losing streaks are very uncommon for teams that are supposed to be great.

2 responses to “Observations

  1. I’m not a fan of the new Cool Base uniforms, the material in the armpits doesn’t match the rest of the uni, looks so hackney. They should go back to playing in wool and flannels, back when men were men and a box of Cracker Jack cost a nickel.

  2. Shawn, your uniform-based insights are second to none on this blog.

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