Runnin’ Ron Roenicke

Posted by Steve

Exciting end to a great homestand. 5-5 after the 0-4 start is definitely a nice place to be. That said, I’ve taken issue with plenty of decisions from Ron Roenicke.

1. Nyjer Morgan needs to start every day against right-handers. If Corey Hart was playing, sitting Morgan today wouldn’t have been as bad of a decision. But when you choose both Mark Kotsay and Carlos Gomez over Morgan, as Roenicke did today, the move becomes indefensible. When Hart returns, the only time Gomez should see the field is against left-handers or as a late-game defensive replacement/pinch runner.

2. Speaking of Gomez, get him out of the second spot in the lineup, for Pete’s sake. He has shown nothing to indicate he’s any different as a player, and all the evidence from his career shows that having him hit second is an awful idea. It’s no different than hitting the fast kid at leadoff in little league. No he can’t hit…. But he’s fast!

As I just mentioned last post, I would like to see them try Morgan at leadoff with Weeks hitting second. Morgan-Weeks-Braun-Fielder-Hart-McGehee is a formidable top 6. Good speed, but also good OBP and power.

3. Try a double switch! Today was the perfect time for one. Sergio Mitre came in in the sixth inning with the pitchers spot up second. It was a perfect time to switch Kotsay out of the game and insert Morgan, or to switch Betancourt out of the game, slide Counsell over to short, and insert McGehee. Mitre could have gone another inning, and Sean Green could have been saved. With the poor defenders on this team, the Brewers are perfect for plenty of double switching.

I suppose this may seem like nitpicking, and I don’t mean to imply Roenicke’s doing a horrible job. I like that he is using defensive replacements just about every game. Outside of not double switching, I thought he did a nice job with the bullpen today playing matchups with the lefty/righty relievers. Also, the players really seem to like him, which shouldn’t be discounted–it just can’t really be quantified or even seen from our perspective.



3 responses to “Runnin’ Ron Roenicke

  1. I like it Steve. I love the way Morgan is playing as well, but I do not think that he should ever take the place of Ricky in the leadoff spot. I think that it makes sense the way that you have it set up on paper, but when a guy like Ricky who has been in that spot for so long and is hitting the ball as well as he is you just don’t mess with it, you just don’t. Aint broke don’t fix it.

  2. That’s fair enough. My main contention by far is that he should be playing more. At least he’s been getting in later in games he doesn’t start, but Gomez is so bad offensively that starting him and hitting him second makes zero sense.

  3. Your right there is no way that he should be hitting 2nd.

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