A rival to La Russa?

Posted by Steve

We aren’t even through April, but it seems we may have Jag Number 2 in the NL Central. Cubs manager Mike Quade has spent half the month whining about teams breaking the unwritten rules of baseball.

First it was complaining about the Brewers stealing a base with a five-run lead–five! I can see getting upset if it was ten or more runs, but with a five-run lead, that’s absurd. The Blue Jays blew a seven-run lead in the eighth inning this season already. I was at a nightmarish game in Wrigley a few years ago when the Brewers blew a five-run lead. Five-run leads are blown several times a season.

Quade’s at it again.  This time, he’s whining about a stolen base in the fifth inning! Take a look at this miraculous quote.

I do think that I probably need to get a copy of the Milwaukee and L.A. unwritten rules books, I think, too,” Quade said, unprompted, Friday. “I don’t know if they missed a sign or not sure if it was a hit-and-run or something. I’ve got to brush up on my unwritten rule things.

Oh, screw you buddy. Get over yourself. I’m so sick and tired of the “unwritten rules.” Ever since Wes Helms and Florida got upset about a stolen base from a team losing by ten runs, I have no idea what teams consider acceptable, but I do know that the whole thing is absurd.

I can’t wait for the Cubs to play the Cardinals. It won’t be a baseball game; it will be a Class Contest. Who’ll win the Class Contest? Normally, you’d have to go with La Russa and The Cardinal Way. They have years of experience of playing the game The Right Way. But now, I’m not so sure. Classy Quade is coming on strong, and suddenly Cardinal Nation’s classiness is being called out by one of their own.

I think it’s a toss-up. Quade might have an edge after Pujols stares at a home run or when Nick Punto steals a base with a three run lead in the seventh inning. But when La Russa counters with a uniform infraction on Jeff Samardzija’s undershirt that causes a six-minute delay in the bottom of the eighth, it could be enough to pull even. I think it’s going to come down to the behavior of both teams in the ninth inning, as well as whether the winner celebrates in any manner more loquacious than a handshake with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

These two would be better off coaching polo.


2 responses to “A rival to La Russa?

  1. Ha, this was a great rant.

    The next Cubs/Cards game will result in a tie, as both coaches will be too proud to score the winning run, and will both simultaneously tip their hat to each other no less than forty-five times during the game. Also, Fukudome will commit seppuku after successfully breaking up a double play.

  2. This is pure gold.

    I love how Roenicke straight up shoots Quade down in the interview, basically saying there is no such thing as unwritten rules.

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