Slump-busting Cornucopia

Posted by Steve


Not too much is going well right now. The offense and defense have been terrible, and the starting pitching hasn’t kept up its great pace from early in the season. Few things I want to touch on:


Casey McGehee. Ugh. I really do not want Casy McGehee on the Brewers. He has value, but it’s limited, and he is not a good fit on a team that already has some all-bat no-glove players. He’s just as no-glove as Fielder, Braun, and Hart, but he’s not the same caliber of hitter. His range this season is just as awful as ever, except his offense hasn’t picked up yet. I’m sure they won’t do anything in-season, and McGehee has plenty of time to turn this thing around, but I can at least say I hope the Brewers have a different player at third base by next season.


Roenicke. The only thing I’ve seen so far from him that I’ve really liked is all the shifts the Brewers employ on defense. Really, that’s it. They sac bunt too much. Playing Kotsay as much as he has this season is inexcusable, and now he’s talking about using Kotsay in center field for God’s sake. He hit Gomez second far too long, he uses “seventh and eighth inning relievers” instead of lefty-righty matchups far too often, and, for the love of Ned Yost, can we stop with all the “contact” plays with a runner on third base? How many outs have they made at the plate this season?

Roenicke’s honeymoon period is over. All you heard in Spring was how much the players like him, and how much better he’d be than Ken Macha. Well, we’re seeing how much a good clubhouse atmosphere gets you right now. Macha was the better in-game manager (to this point), and that’s what directly impacts games.


I’m officially starting the Mark DiFelice watch, to the point that I’ve re-upped our sponsorship of his Baseball Reference page. In 9 innings, he has 13 ks, 3 walks, and has yet to allow a home run. At least Sean Green is gone, but DiFelice should be the next guy called up when a reliever goes down.


The Brewers need to turn this thing around right now, because the schedule gets very tough in a few weeks. For now, they can just chalk it up to a bad road trip. If they don’t go on a run here in the next couple weeks, they may bury themselves in the standings.

I’m going to the game tonight for what may be the goofiest rally-towel giveaway in MLB history. It’s cool that they’re welcoming Greinke, but it doesn’t fit. First of all, he’s obviously a low-key guy, so I can’t imagine he’s thrilled with it. Secondly, they’re in the middle of a terrible stretch, so celebrating with towels seems out of place. Either way, I’ll be happy if they just get a win.


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