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Is it fair to say I’ve seen enough of Roenicke to say I don’t like him? Is it already fair to say that?

It might not be, but I’m saying it anyway.

Randy Wolf gave up a ton of hits today. I admit I didn’t see the game, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t all that terrible. I say that because he had one of the worst defensive outfields of all time behind him. Braun in left, Kotsay in center, and Hart in right must be the worst outfield in the majors this season.

Remember when Ned Yost used to give guys days off, and he’d insert the replacement in the same spot in the batting order as the regular? For example, when he gave Braun a day off, he’d bat Gabe Kapler third. Well, Roenicke pulled a Yost today. Not only did he make the unspeakable move of playing Mark Freaking Kotsay (his new official name on BBKUTH) in center field, but he compounded it by hitting him second.

This whole Kotsay thing is simply mind-boggling, and it has been from the very beginning. I remember when I saw the news of his signing, I thought that it must have been a non-roster invite. I couldn’t fathom giving him a guaranteed contract.

The guaranteed contract is all that won him his spot on the team, but I have no idea what keeps getting him playing time. He was playing frequently over Morgan, and now he’s playing center field over Brandon Boggs. Not that Brandon Boggs is some great hitter, but at least he is a fairly capable outfielder. Kotsay is a slow guy who has absolutely no power. He has a .606 OPS! And that’s with three intentional walks! The man has a slugging percentage of .273. Two-seventy-three!!

Why did Gomez even need a day off today anyway? He’s 25 years old, and the team has an off day tomorrow.

Then, there’s his crazy use of Kameron Loe. Loe pitched the last two games before today, and Roenicke said before the game that he was unavailable. So then why, with a one-run lead in the eighth inning, was Loe in the game? Why not Mike McClendon or Marco Estrada?

Loe is on pace for over 90 appearances, which is pretty insane. But what’s even more concerning is why Roenicke wants to use him that much in the first place! It isn’t like Loe is some bullpen ace. He’s put together one good half-season in his career! He’s 29 years old, and he has a 1.46 career WHIP, a 1.66 k/bb ratio, and has an ERA+ of 101.

So then why is Loe being used like he’s Mariano Rivera?


3 responses to “Roenicke

  1. Its been obvious since day one that Roenicke is in over his head. Its time to clean house and fire both Melvin and Roenicke. Its hard to believe that Doug would hire a small ball clown like this when he has always built his teams around power.

    We also have the worst farm system in all of baseball so its time to hire a real team builder like Dan Jennings who has helped build top farm systems in both Florida and Tampa. This organization needs to rebuild itself from top to bottom.

  2. It’s too early to give up on Melvin’s talent evaluation. The Brewers once upon recent time had a very deep farm system built by Mr. Moustache. It was used to create the roster you see today. And with a couple of glaring exceptions like Yuni B and the bench(dibs on band name), the pieces to win are there if they can be properly managed.

    Gomez’s offensive deficiencies get magnified because he’s hitting in the two spot. In fact, I have a great idea that everyone except Roenicke has thought of: Switch Lucroy and Gomez in the batting order.

    So far, Roenicke is much closer to Yost than Macha, and that is in no way a compliment.

  3. I definitely see both sides of this. Melvin is not absolved by a long shot, as having players like Nieves, Kotsay, and Betancourt are hurting the team. But Melvin overall dealt Roenicke a pretty good hand, and he’s misplaying it. How about using Loe in the eighth inning yesterday with a six-run lead?

    You’re right that the organization needs to rebuild, but that can be done without overhauling the big league roster. The Brewers have two first rounders in the upcoming draft that they have to hit on. This is supposed to be a strong draft, and I intend to really dive into the draft starting this week.

    One point that should be made is that yes, Melvin was GM when the Brewers had the great farm system, but Jack Z is truly the guy who built that system.

    I’m not ready to fire Melvin yet (or Roenicke for that matter, because, whatever… Managers all suck). But I can’t think of a GM ever getting a chance to hire a fourth manager. If they have a losing season this year, both Melvin and Roenicke will be gone. Either way, I think Melvin’s not long for the job. It’s a young man’s game now. I’d love hiring someone from the Tampa Bay organization as his heir apparent, whenever it is that Melvin leaves.

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