Posted by Steve

Stupid move by Doug Melvin to go into a series against the Reds, of all teams, without a left-handed reliever.

Stupid move by Ron Roenicke to let Kameron Loe face Votto. Loe is horrendous against lefties–Votto in particular. Even though he didn’t have a lefty, he should have had Axford ready to face Votto and Bruce in the eighth. Except he’d never do that, because baseball’s stupid unwritten rules say you can’t bring in a closer, even if it’s an obvious situation.

Stupid by Loe to hit Brandon Phillips with two outs and Votto on deck, and stupid to absolutely groove a 2-1 pitch belt high.

Stupid that Francisco Cordero isn’t even a good relief pitcher, yet he hasn’t so much as allowed a run against the Brewers since he left Milwaukee. Stupid that he does his stupid celebration like he won the World Series.

What a stupid series.


5 responses to “Stupid

  1. Are you crabby? I think your crabby. I also think that when I was outside with the dog I could hear Mike screaming from inside the house when Loe faced Votto. Because it’s stupid, just like you said.

  2. I’m not, really. We didn’t even react, because it was so predictable. It’s like we knew it was coming.

  3. Even after giving up last night’s HR, Loe has held opposing lefties to a .208/.296/.396 line. Last year it was .274/.311/.429.

    I understand the frustration about not having a lefty. But with Braddock, Stetter and Parra (not a better option) on the shelf, I’m not sure what they were supposed to do.

  4. Kyle–how about not putting Braddock on the DL for “sleep disorder” in the first place? Seriously, was he falling asleep on the mound or something? And how many “rehab” innings are required to come back from such a devastating “injury”?

  5. Kyle, Loe wasn’t terrible against lefties last year because Macha knew not to use him against any good ones. His peripherals this year and last year are much better against righties. Plus, lefties have a .848 career OPS against him (compared to .686 from righties). He’s a right-handed specialist.

    I won’t comment on Braddock’s situation, because I have no idea what’s really going on there, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing Danny Ray Herrera, a lefty they just claimed, up for the Reds series. They only use Tim Dillard in blowouts anyway, so it’s not like they needed him.

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