Is that Ron Roenicke or Ned Yost?

Posted by Steve

Telling moment yesterday. My brother missed the Brewer game. This is how our conversation went.

“How’d it go?”

“They got Roenicked.”

“Let me guess… Kameron Loe against Carlos Pena?”

When a manager is already that bad, that predictably bad, it’s pretty incredible.

Roenicke is absolutely clueless when it comes to bullpen management. He’s already approaching Yostian levels.

Last night he used Kameron Loe for the third day in a row, which is dumb enough in itself. But when you consider that LaTroy Hawkins hadn’t pitched in days, Hawkins is better than Loe anyway, and that Loe can’t get lefties out to save his life, it’s moronic.

Letting Loe face Carlos Pena, a classic “crushes righties, sucks against lefties” hitter, when Zack Braddock is available, screams of Yost having Brian Shouse walk Ryan Howard to face Pat Burrell. Here was Runnin’ Ron’s defense:

“It’s not a tough call,” said Roenicke. “Not if (Loe) can go, it’s not a tough call. He’s our eighth-inning guy and in tie ball games he goes (in) the eighth and ‘Ax’ (John Axford) will follow him.”

OH MY GOD. If there was such a thing as a List of Sentences That Send Steve Into an Unmitigated Rage, I’m pretty sure “He’s our eighth-inning guy” would top the list. The concept of an eighth-inning guy is even dumber than the concept of a closer, especially when your eighth-inning guy is a mediocre reliever who has never been able to get lefties out.

Here are some bullpen management idiocies that need to stop:

  • The Kameron Loe fascination. Can you believe he’s been in to face Joey Votto and Carlos Pena with the game on the line already this season?
    He shouldn’t face lefties unless it’s one sandwiched between righties. If it’s one of their best hitters, he should absolutely not be in.
  • Braddock as a lefty. While Loe is a ROOGY, Zack Braddock is not a LOOGY. He should have been in to start the eighth tonight, and he did not need to come out after facing one lefty. This is not Mitch Stetter; he is a power pitcher with great strikeout numbers all throughout the minors as both a starter and reliever.
  • Marco Estrada as a high-leverage reliever. Using Estrada over Hawkins is almost as bad as Loe against a lefty. Estrada is a minor league soldier who has done a nice job as a fill-in starter. He has not been good as a reliever. The other day I called for him to be sent to AAA to return to a starting role, and that will probably happen now–but waiting this long has already cost the Brewers a game.
  • Not using Axford in a tie game on the road. I won’t hold my breath on this one, as most managers don’t do this, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. Tonight it seemed particularly dumb since Axford was already warmed up. Why not use him in the ninth instead of Tim Dillard, another pitcher who fares poorly against lefties?
I’m only addressing bullpen in depth in this particular post, because I don’t want to go on forever, but bullpen management is not Roenicke’s only weakness–just his most glaring. Other horrible decisions include continuing to bat Casey McGehee ahead of Corey Hart, the Wil Nieves Experiment, overkilling the suicide squeeze, and using Kotsay in center field/second spot in the lineup. 
The Brewers having a talented team is such a double-edged sword for me. Obviously, it’s a good thing, but the only good teams they’ve had have been managed by terrible in-game managers. It makes for some very frustrating games.



3 responses to “Is that Ron Roenicke or Ned Yost?

  1. Oh yeah, I saw it. I can’t blame them too much for that… He’s beyond fixable at this point in his career. They just need to replace him.

  2. Awww c’mon man! That’s just Yuni bein’ Yuni!

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