Randy Wolf: Tired Act

Posted by Steve

Randy Wolf has been okay I guess as a pitcher during his Brewer tenure, but that’s not what I want to discuss. He has really come off as a whiny prima donna this season, and it’s getting old.

He constantly takes issue with home plate umpires, walks off the mound before a call, etc. Today he hit a long foul ball and emphatically called for a replay–and the replay showed it was clearly foul. I’m not one to defend baseball’s lack of technology in umpiring, but showing up an ump as a player is a bad idea.

That’s not all that bad by itself, but when you couple it with his insistence on a “personal catcher,” it’s extremely annoying. I have no idea what Wolf’s problem with Jonathan Lucroy is, but he needs to grow up and stop hurting the team. How is he hurting the team, you ask? Because the last several times Wolf has pitched, he’s been opposed by a left-handed starter. Starting George Kottaras against a lefty is hurting the team. Lucroy should get every start against left-handed pitchers.

I’m also convinced that Wolf’s insistence on not working with Lucroy at least contributed to Wil Nieves being up as long as he was, although obviously there’s no way to prove that.

I’m annoyed that the Brewers are catering to Wolf’s every need, as well. Lucroy is going to be here a lot longer than Randy Wolf. Maybe they should be doing what’s best for him (and the team).


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