Make it stop (Casey McGehee)

Posted by Steve

Josh Wilson played third and batted second for the Brewers today, and it wasn’t due to injury. That’s all you need to know.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. The same problems the team had two months ago still exist. It’s depressing to watch Casey McGehee, because he looks so depressed himself. It’s time to put him out of his misery and send him to AAA to see if he can get anything back.

It’s even more maddening when you realize how well Taylor Green is doing in AAA. His slash line is .316/.400/.542, and by all accounts is a solid defender.

Despite how obvious this move should be, there is no sign that the Brewers will be making it. In fact, they have started playing Green at second base in order to give Mat Gamel time at third. I’m a fan of Gamel, but his defense as a third baseman is awful compared to Taylor Green (or just about anyone).

Another damning sign is Ron Roenicke’s quote from a few days ago in the Journal-Sentinel blog.

I told Roenicke about all the clamoring to bring up third baseman Taylor Green, who is hitting well at Class AAA Nashville. Green is hitting.314 with 13 homers and 54 RBI in 86 games but Roenicke noted that doesn’t mean he’d do the same in the majors.

“It’s completely different,” said Roenicke. “Look at what Gamel did in the minors, and is still doing in the minors, and what he did here (.115 in 10 games). I know people get impatient but it’s not the same.”

Brilliant. So because one player out of thousands who have done well in AAA struggled in the majors, that means Green should be expected to.

This has become a mockery. McGehee has a .588 OPS! Isn’t that more concerning that Green potentially struggling? Hell, if Green struggled, he’ll still put up an OPS over .600! His worst case scenario is better than McGehee at this point.

The defense and the bottom of the lineup must improve, and this is a way to help both in one in-house transaction. The refusal to make this move is perhaps the most baffling decision Doug Melvin has made in his Brewers tenure.


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