St. Louis Classies

Posted by Steve

So much to talk about. Before I get going, I might as well paste this. I wrote this last night after the game, but I lost internet, so I couldn’t post it.


Brutal loss last night, particularly because I was there. It was a crazy, long game that both teams were desperately trying to win.

I have to say I was reminded of this game when La Russa did what La Russa does and retaliated on Ryan Braun. How dumb was it of him to put the leadoff runner on in the eighth inning of a tie game? Never mind that the Brewers blew a bases loaded, nobody out opportunity–that was an incredibly dumb move that just happened to work out this time. Definitely a Yostian move.

Still, how do the Cardinals continue to get away with this garbage? Saito hits Pujols in a situation where hitting him was not what he wanted to do, so there’s no way it was intentional. The next inning, a pitch way inside misses Braun. The next one hits him… And there was no ejection! How obvious can it get! Ugh, I hate the Cardinals.

Anyway. What a crappy way to lose. From the bases loaded, nobody out opportunity blown, to the guy I wanted the Brewers to acquire (Furcal) making a nice play to save the game, to La Russa and Molina’s crap, to Berkman’s dinky game-winner–it doesn’t get much worse.

This was a very tough game to lose, especially since I fully expect the Brewers to lose tomorrow. Randy Wolf is getting by on smoke and mirrors lately, and I’m just waiting for something like a combined 5-8 with two homers from Pujols and Holliday. Games against the Cards now are huge. They went from being 4.5 up to 2.5 up, all because Furcal made a good play and Berkman hit a duck snort.


Well, first of all, it’s nice to be wrong about today’s game, though I was right about one thing: Wolf was unimpressive. I suppose my mistake was in not forecasting 3 home runs from Casey McGehee after he had five in 428 plate appearances.

But anyway, on to the main point.  Tony La Russa continues to be a jag of epic proportions. Nothing he does should surprise us anymore, except what’s interesting is that his antics are finally starting to tire people other than his opponents. Have a look at this article from Yahoo Sports.

He sounds like he’s legitimately paranoid. If you care to, read through the transcript of his post-game interview. To sum it up, he first admits the pitch that hit Pujols wasn’t intentional–just inside, and “dangerous.” Then he called the fans idiots and immediately retracted it. Then he doesn’t literally admit (but pretty much does admit) that they intentionally threw at Braun.

So now, not only can you not hit Pujols, but you cannot even throw inside to him. Got it. Man, he contradicts himself in that article more than once.

Even his own team is questioning him! How about this quote from Lance Berkman? I couldn’t believe this.

It’s not like that was the first ball that had been thrown up and in,” Berkman said. “That one just happened to hit Albert. It’s certainly a situation that you don’t want to escalate any further than it needs to. Those things have a way of working out on the field.


So in case you missed in, in the past 72 hours, La Russa has:

  • Complained about lighting around home plate at Miller Park (in the past he’s complained about slippery balls in Cincinnati and bullpen mounds in Colorad0)
  • Complained about the Brewers stealing signs
  • Retaliated for something he himself admitted was not intentional
  • Called Brewer fans idiots (some are, especially the ones in our section last night, but you still don’t say that as a manager)
  • Picked a fight with Bill Schroeder, of all people, and actually called him (!)
  • Argued a quick pitch today by LaTroy Hawkins that is legal when nobody is on base (Hawkins jumped way, way up in my book by quick pitching the next few pitches after TLR complained)

A guy could do all of that over the course of a season and be seen as whiny.


Despite the tough loss last night, this was a good series and a great homestand. They’ve got a bit of a cushion with a 3.5 game lead, and hopefully they can extend that in Houston. It’s hard to believe that all this nonsense gets dialed up again next week in St. Louis.



Just came across an entertaining summary of La Russa’s complaints during his managerial career. Pretty entertaining.


5 responses to “St. Louis Classies

  1. Are the Cards as much disliked in MLB as they are in the NL Central? I mean this as a legitimate question. I mean I know that “we” are biased due to our Brewers allegiance, but are they seen as whiny bitches by people in New York, Florida, and California? I legitimately want to know if my love of the Brewers is clouding my hatred of the Cards.

  2. It’s starting to seem like everyone is getting annoyed. I don’t know that there’s the passionate dislike that exists in the division, but he definitely has a reputation for meddling and pulling stunts. If you look at articles written on a national level lately, they’re all talking about him. Maybe that’s what he wants. Who knows?

  3. Just found a good summary of La Russa’s complaints over his career. Throwing it up in an edit to the post.

  4. The quick pitch is illegal… If there is someone on base, it’s called a balk. If no one is on base it’s called a ball.

    “Rule 8.05(e) Comment: A quick pitch is an illegal pitch. Umpires will judge a quick pitch as one delivered before the batter is reasonably set in the batters box. With runners on base the penalty is a balk; with no runners on base, it is a ball. The quick pitch is dangerous and should not be permitted.”

    I can’t say you’re a bad writer but I think your love for the Crew causes you to form your opinion before reviewing all the facts.

    Good luck,

  5. The mistake was actually in calling it a quick pitch, which is how they were saying it on the broadcast. It’s actually a slidestep move which is sometimes called a quick pitch, but the pitcher isn’t rushing before the batter is set. It’s totally legal, because the batter is “reasonably set in the batters box.” It’s just that he starts his windup but pitches without a leg kick, so it throws him off.

    Mike McClendon in the Brewers’ system has gotten some mileage out of this.

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