Big game? Nope

Posted by Steve

Tom Haudricourt has a blog post up today in which he calls tonight’s game against the Cardinals a “big game.”

He lists his reasons for this claim, each of which can be quickly dismissed with this fact: The Brewers are going to the playoffs.

They are. They have an 9.5 game-lead pending the outcome of tonight’s game. Their odds according to Baseball Prospectus are–I am not kidding–100%.

All his reasons he lists–getting “momentum” going into the Phillies series (doesn’t exist from day-to-day), prevent the Cardinals from taking five of six games (doesn’t matter; they’re still 8.5 back even if they lose, virtually insurmountable with 19 games left), it would prevent a two-game losing streak heading into the Phillies series (which is pretty much the same thing as the momentum one)–are easily dismissed.

The only one that holds some merit is the one about staying ahead of the Diamondbacks. That should be the goal at this point, as the Brewers would obviously like to avoid the Phillies in the first round. Still, that doesn’t make today a big game–certainly no bigger than tomorrow, the next day, or any other game.

I know Brewer fans are trained to worry, but I really wish people would stop panicking. The amazing stretch spoiled us. Who wouldn’t be thrilled if they were told before the season started that the Brewers would have a 8.5-game lead with 19 games to play?

The division is over. The only thing of concern right now is Arizona. My advice? Enjoy these stress-free games while we still have them.


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