Enough is enough

Posted by Steve

The Brewers are tied in the tenth inning as I write this. I wanted to make that clear so it doesn’t seem like I’m reacting based on the outcome of tonight’s game. The reality is I can’t stand watching this anymore, and even though I’ve harped on it all year, I can’t help this:

It is maddening that Casey McGehee and Yuniesky Betancourt are still playing regularly. Absolutely appalling.

Any way you look at it, those two have been awful. They are two of the nine worst qualified players in the NL according to WAR. McGehee’s OBP has been below .300 all season. Betancourt has coupled bad defense with an astonishing .271 on-base percentage.

Even if you hate statistics, it’s not as though they’re passing the eye test. Betancourt looks lazy and slow on defense. He swings lazily and is probably the least disciplined hitter in the league. McGehee looks tentative, and at times, lost on offense. He also has no range at third defensively.

I simply do not understand why they are allowed to hurt this team any longer. It makes no sense. Don Money can publicly chastise prospects who have actually produced, yet Betancourt and McGehee are allowed to play despite contributing nothing. It’s an organizational double standard.

Taylor Green needs to play third against all right-handed pitchers. Hairston needs to play short against all right-handed pitchers. There is absolutely no justification for doing otherwise.

The Brewers are going into the playoffs knowingly fielding less than their best team. It is mind-boggling, and if they don’t change it immediately, they don’t deserve to win anything.



2 responses to “Enough is enough

  1. Are these feelings common among other Brewer fans? I only ask this because I don’t follow the Brewers as intimately as you do and you are the most in-depth Brewer fan that I know, so I’m just curious is this a common feeling among other fans or just those who follow the team as much as you do?

  2. Brewerfan is filled with fans who are angry about this. They are die-hards too, but the JS had a poll a few days ago: Who should be starting at third base against right-handed pitchers? 79% said Green.

    Anywho, another day with no offense, and another day that Roenicke played Thing 1 and Thing 2. Meanwhile Arizona is about to pass the Brewers, who have scored 16 runs in their last 8 games.

    I do not know what more RRR could possibly need to make a change.

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