Setting the rotation

Posted by Steve

I was gone all weekend, so even though I don’t have a ton to say at this point, I felt I should have something posted now that the Brewers have clinched the division.

It even feels weird to talk about the clinching game this late, so I’ll just say that I was very happy Friday and move on.

I’ve been saying for weeks now that they should be doing everything with the playoffs in mind. They did that when they called up Taylor Green before September, and they’re looking towards the playoffs with their starting rotation now as well.

The unfortunate thing is they cannot just hold their top three starters for the first three games of the playoff series, because they still need to hold off Arizona. It would be deflating after such a great season to have to open up the playoffs at Philadelphia, but that’s still a very real possibility.

So the Brewers, as of now, aren’t rearranging their starting rotation–a move I agree with. The Brewers luck out, because is there isn’t a huge difference between any of their top three starters, so the order in which they pitch in the playoffs isn’t a huge deal.

The tight wildcard race has implications for the Brewers, and if they can’t hold off the Diamondbacks, I’ll have to grudgingly retract my statement that I want the Cardinals out of the playoffs no matter what. If their making the playoffs keeps the Brewers from playing Philly, well then I’m fine with the Cards in the playoffs.

Interestingly, at this time the Brewers and Diamondbacks are both losing to bad teams, so it looks like this might stay close right down to the last day.


One response to “Setting the rotation

  1. I think the more important post-season question is exactly what chintzy give-away are they going to have at the games? Towels to wave? Pom-poms to shake? Thunder-sticks to clap? That’s what I want to know. Also I want to know how we can do away with that stuff; whatever happened to clapping? It was good enough for our grandfathers and it’s good enough for me.

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