Posted by Steve

The impossible just happened. The Diamondbacks lost the game, clinching homefield in the first round for the Brewers. The game reached the point of a statistical impossibility of a win.

Then they won.

Two outs. Nobody on. Down  by FIVE RUNS. And they won the game.

I am honestly willing to bet that has never happened in MLB history. 99.9% does not do this justice. This has to be about one in a million. I am not exaggerating; that is actually my guess.

This ruins the Brewers plans entirely. They could have used Greinke for an inning or two tomorrow in a meaningless game and had him ready for Game 2. Now they need to freaking win it. So do they pitch him the entire game in hopes of winning? That would push him back to Game 3. Or do they pitch him just an inning, save him for Game 2, and then pin their hopes for homefield on the arms of the entire bullpen for most of a game?

I cannot even communicate how stunned I am right now. This could not have happened. It’s truly impossible.


9 responses to “Impossible

  1. I followed the game until the 2nd out in the 10th – what the hell happened!!?? UNREAL!!

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but does it really matter whether games 2 and 3 go Marcum-Greinke or Greinke-Marcum? Neither would pitch game 5 (if nec.) anyway, and whoever pitches game 3 of the NLDS would be ready by game 2 of the NLCS anyway. I suppose in matters in a way if you look far ahead, I just don’t know if it’s that big of a deal.

    And yeah I know about Greinke’s home stats vs. Marcums’ road and yada yada whatever.

  3. Yeah I don’t care about the home/road splits this season, but Greinke is still the better pitcher. You want him as early in the series as possible.

    It will be interesting to see how they handle this game. If the Brewers score a few runs early, they may take Greinke out quickly.

    I’ve had a full day to digest that game last night, and I’m just as annoyed. Tonight’s game shouldn’t even matter.

  4. The Brewer fan in me hates this while the baseball fan in me LOVES this.

    “Are you watching, Milwaukee?!?”

  5. If they don’t get home field and I can’t go to one freaking game even though I have tickets to ALL OF THEM I will have a fit.

  6. Also, this website defaulted with my name spelled incorrectly, so I fixed it. I wonder how long that has been going on.

  7. For the Brewers, this was terrible. For baseball in general, it was amazing. Also, Lyle Overbay is playing for the Dbacks, didn’t realize that. Always liked him.

    “Are you watching Milwaukee??!”
    -Daron Sutton

  8. Christina, have you ever heard of the phrase “first world problems”?

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