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All serious baseball fans complain about their manager at some point. Unless yours is Ned Yost, it’s important to realize that there are other bad ones out there too–most, in fact. I’ve griped about Roenicke at times this year, but Kirk Gibson is making Roenicke look like Earl Weaver this series. He’s clueless when it comes to bullpen management. He can’t make up his mind on when to walk someone or not–today he walked Mark Kotsay to pitch to Corey Hart! Astounding.

The Diamondbacks probably won’t be around much longer, but while this series lasts, it’s refreshing to see proof that other teams’ managers make dumb decisions as well.

All that aside, this playoff baseball thing is like a drug. I can’t get enough of the feeling. It’s an absolute rush when the Brewers play well. Fans hang on every pitch; it’s incredibly tense. I wasn’t there today, but that sixth inning eruption sounded like it just about blew the roof off the stadium. At the absolute worst, Brewer fans are guaranteed one more home game. Let’s ride this as long as we can.


One response to “Gibby

  1. It was so damn loud in there. The “MVP” chants for Braun in the sixth shook the rafters and gave me chills.

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