Channeling Yost

Posted by Steve

Reasons not to play Mark Kotsay in center:

  • He is slow
  • He has no power
  • He can’t play center field
  • Center field defense has already been an issue lately
  • He hasn’t started since August
  • Busch Stadium has a spacious center field
  • The Brewers are facing an ace, so runs were likely to be at a premium

Reasons to play Kotsay in center:



This is the worst managerial move since the Yost-Shouse game or Sveum starting Suppan in a playoff game in 2008. It is a horrible, stunning, mind-boggling decision that is completely indefensible. Even if it hadn’t already cost the Brewers, I would hate the decision with the fury of a thousand suns. He deserves to be fired.

It’s that bad.


3 responses to “Channeling Yost

  1. HOME RUN MARK KOTSAY!!!!!! Sorry. I had to.

  2. Regardless of who started in center, this loss is not on Roenicke. It’s mainly on Gallardo. He started slow and it cost the team, much like the other games that they have lost. Yes, Kotsay didn’t get to a ball that Morgan/Gomez easily catches, but Yo was getting pounded. He’s lucky it wasn’t worse. This loss goes on him.

    Lest we forget, Roenicke is one of the reasons that this team is even in this position, with a chance at the World Series.

  3. Yep, Kotsay homered. He still owed two more runs for the three he gave up earlier.

    This is absolutely on Roenicke, Andy. If Gomez is playing he catches that ball easily and that big first inning likely doesn’t even happen.

    The only thing Roenicke has going for him is the players seem to like him. His in-game managing is abysmal. With your last chance against Motte, you send up CASEY MCGEHEE instead of Kottaras or Green? What the hell! What the hell are you thinking!

    He has been using McGehee ahead of others on the bench all postseason long. What the hell for? McGehee doesn’t even belong on the postseason roster. He doesn’t even belong on a Major League roster.

    He’s a total clown who should be fired. He’s ruining this for me. I can’t even enjoy watching them in the freaking NLCS because he keeps making the wrong decisions and putting them in position to lose.

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